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2011 Apr 24
zfs problem vdev I/O failure
Good morning, I have a problem with ZFS: ZFS filesystem version 4 ZFS storage pool version 15 Yesterday my comp with Freebsd 8.2 releng shutdown with ad4 error detached,when I copy a big file... and after reboot in 2 wd green 1tb say me goodbye. One of them die and other with zfs errors: Apr 24 04:53:41 Flash root: ZFS: vdev I/O failure, zpool=zroot path= offset=187921768448 size=512
2013 Dec 13
Upgrading from FreeBSD10-B3 to FreeBSD10-RC1 borked
Followed the instructions here: The upgrade borked. Error message: Can''t find ''kernel'' When I checked with ls /boot/kernel/, the directory does exist. :-( Since the system has encrypted root partion with ZFSonROOT, I tried to follow instructions at
2008 Nov 08
How does zfs COW deal with ''..'' in brother directory?
Hi matt, I have some problems about understanding zfs COW implemention. Suppose b and c are both children dir of a, if c changes, there will be new versions of both a and c, namely c'' and a''. a a'' b c c'' Because ''..'' in b points to a before this change, shall we modify b to let ''..'' point to a''? If yes,
2010 Jul 12
How do I clean up corrupted files from zpool status -v?
Hi Folks.. I have a system that was inadvertently left unmirrored for root. We were able to add a mirror disk, resilver, and fix the corrupted files (nothing very interesting was corrupt, whew), but zpool status -v still shows errors.. Will this self correct when we replace the degraded disk and resilver? Or is there something else that I''m not finding that I need to do to clean up?
2013 Nov 03
FreeBSD 10 Beta 2: make installkernel failure with installer provided ZFS configuration.
Hi, I was trying to rebuild world on a FreeBSD 10 test system, that I had just installed. ZFS root was setup. I let the installation program do all the ZFS setup and configuration. I put root on a 5 disk encrypted raidz array. Besides the installer configuring 5 times the amount of swap space I asked for (asked for 8gb, installer put 8gb on each drive, for 40gb in total.) everything was working
2013 Jul 01
Problems booting into ZFS on recent stable/9
I had a sparc64 (Netra X1) running a stable/9 from late March 2013. Actually, the kernel may''ve been a bit newer than that as I was working with folks to diagnose and repair some Netra-X1 specific issues. But, ZFS worked fine. I have two pools, zroot as a RAID1 (using equally sized partitions at the front of two large disks), and a zdata that is a large pool of the remaining space
2013 Jul 22
ZFS: can't read MOS of pool
Hi, I''ve got a problem with booting zfs-on-root FreeBSD 9.2-PRERELEASE. I''m getting: ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable ZFS: can''t read MOS of pool klawisz gptzfsboot: failed to mount default pool klawisz Machine is VM running under KVM on Proxmox 2.3-13. VM has 8 GB of RAM, 400 GB of local storage with SCSI Controller type: Default (lsi). I''m
2012 May 30
Why Are You Using FreeBSD?
Hi Everyone, This is off-topic, so please feel free to disregard it, but I''m sending it to this list in the hope that it will reach a largish number of users. I am currently looking at updating some of our advocacy material (which advertises exciting new features like SMP support), and before I do I''d like to get a better feel for why the rest of you are using FreeBSD. If
2008 Jul 13
reduce boot image size
Hi guys, I have got a boot image working, thanks to this mailing list. Now, my question is, how can I reduce the size of the boot image? Basically, I created the boot image by copying files from an iso image, which must contains lots of files that I don''t need. Is there a neat way so that I can only copy the files that are needed? Thanks a bunch! -Simon
2010 Nov 08
Samba 3.5.6: can't follow symlinks on shares
Hello, Samba version: 3.5.6, OS CentOS 5.5 64-bit. The problem: I have a share with symlinks leading outside the share. After mounting the shared resource (cifs), I can''t proceed through symlinks (permission denied). Setting options follow symlinks = yes wide links = yes for the share doesn''t change Samba behaviour. Could someone enlighten me on how to handle this?
2006 Jan 04
Using same ZFS under different kernel versions
I build two zfs filesystems using b29 (from brandz). I then re-installed solaris express b28, preserving the zfs filesystems. When I tried to "zpool import" my zfs filesystems I got a kernel panic: > debugging crash dump vmcore.0 (32-bit) from blackbird > operating system: 5.11 snv_28 (i86pc) > panic message: > ZFS: bad checksum (read on /dev/dsk/c1d0p0 off
2008 Jun 18
Hi there, I''ve read the instructions on using syslinux; in particular, I''m interested in booting off a USB stick. According to doc/usbkey.txt, USB-HDD is the best mode -- but there''s no mention of how to get that working. I''ve tried googling it, but can''t seem to find instructions (probably not searching for the right thing) Could someone here
2012 Dec 08
nullfs changes MFC
Hi, I am going to merge latest batch of the nullfs improvements into stable/9. This will bring up significant performance enchancements due to use of the shared locks for lookups if the lower layer supports it, much better caching on the nullfs layer, and proper handling of the text segments on the nullfs. Also, it should improve the error recovery and some corner cases with locking.
2007 May 22
lc shaping in- and outbound traffic on same box
I''m looking for a way to shape all traffic on a virtual vlan interface, say eth1.100 to a max of 100mbit. The box is a quagga router with eth0 on the inside and vlan interfaces on the eth1 card to our upstream partners. Each partner has his own vlan on eth1. I tried shaping but was only able to shape outbound traffic on the eth1.100 interface. Inbound shaping was also possible, but
2003 Aug 05
Problems with JAIL in 4.8R
Hi, i''ve set the outside ip for the jail..It works.. When i try to ssh to jail''ed system from the main system (in which is created jail) the connection is successful, but when i try to connect to jailed system from anywhere else i get this message: ssh: connect to host IP_NUMBER port 22: Operation timed out What can be wrong here? How to solve this problem?
2008 Jan 16
x509 patch for SSH
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Hi guys, been trying the x509 patch for ssh from Roumen, it works great. However, I can''t figure out couple of things, and been trying to solve it for couple of days already. I''am using OpenSSH_4.7p1-hpn12v19, OpenSSL 0.9.8g with 6.1 version of your patch. The serverside hostkey is configured correctly, to present x509v3-sign-rsa
2010 Sep 17
ZFS Dataset lost structure
After a crash, in my zpool tree, some dataset report this we i do a ls -la: brwxrwxrwx 2 777 root 0, 0 Oct 18 2009 mail-cts also if i set zfs set mountpoint=legacy dataset and then i mount the dataset to other location before the directory tree was only : dataset - vdisk.raw The file was a backing device of a Xen VM, but i cannot access the directory structure of this dataset. However i
2006 May 18
Overriding default DELETE behavior with logical deletes
Hello! I am trying to figure out how to implement *logical deletes* instead of physical deletes using ActiveRecord. Basically, in many applications that deal with E-Commerce, you really can''t physically delete almost anything, because records must be kept for auditing and customer service tracking purposes. In the past, I''ve implemented logical deletes as follows: 1.
2013 Jan 22
FreeBSD 9.1 - openldap slapd lockups, mutex problems
Hi. (Im am sending this to the "stable" list, because it maybe kernel related.. ) On 9.1-RELEASE I am witnessing lockups of the openldap slapd daemon. The slapd runs for some days and then hangs, consuming high amounts of CPU. In this state slapd can only be restarted by SIGKILL. # procstat -kk 71195 PID TID COMM TDNAME KSTACK 71195
2006 Dec 06
Debugging high CPU with Mongrel
I''m running a site that gets ~30k to 40k page hits per day. In the last 4 days my mongrel processes have been jumping into high CPU usage a couple of times a day to the point where my site becomes unresponsive (database on a diff machine with no load). The only way for me to resolve the problem and reduce load on the machine is to delete my rails cache directory (I have plenty of space