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2009 May 21
[PATCH server] Updated look and feel for empty grid views
When empty grids are shown (ex: no VMs in this pool) a specific graphic, message and improved action button are shown. For Task views, the user will see the current filter and an explanation that no tasks match that filter. Signed-off-by: Jeremy Perry <> --- src/app/views/hardware/show_hosts.rhtml | 11 ++++-------
2020 Feb 27
[PATCH] Update the 5 year logo to 10 year logo
Already outdated, but rounded ;) I literally just opened the 5yrs logo, changed the text and then done: inkscape -z -o logo/fish-10yrs.{png,svg} cp {logo,website}/fish-10yrs.svg and then updated the rest of the files. Signed-off-by: Martin Kletzander <> --- | 2 + logo/fish-10yrs.png | Bin 0 -> 65790 bytes
1997 Feb 05
bliss version 0.4.0
[mod: Forwarded by Jeff Uphoff. I tried to mangle the headers that it appears as the original post: with an invalid return address. -- REW] A few months back, a very alpha version of bliss got posted. That shouldn''t have happened, but, it was pretty much ignored so I didn''t worry about it. But now it seems there''s a bit of a fuss about this. I''ll post the
2020 Mar 26
[PATCH nbdkit 9/9] tests/old-plugins: Add plugin from nbdkit 1.18.2.
This is significant because it's a plugin which was from the last stable release containing undefined symbols (in the internal plugins). $ ldd -r tests/old-plugins/x86_64/Linux/v1.18.2/ (0x00007ffe86cdd000) => /lib64/ (0x00007f551b3e5000) => /lib64/
2014 Jun 24
[PATCH 1/2] Drop dosutil/
A prebuilt binary. Needs non-free Watcom compiler to build. Signed-off-by: Lubomir Rintel <lkundrak at> --- dosutil/ | Bin 8106 -> 0 bytes 1 file changed, 0 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-) delete mode 100644 dosutil/ diff --git a/dosutil/ b/dosutil/ deleted file mode 100644 index
2016 Nov 09
[PATCH] filearch: Add s390 and s390x detection and tests.
Unfortunately I was unable to build s390 binaries since multilib was dropped in Fedora 24 on s390x. Going from the source of the 'file' command it seems as if it prints "32-bit" (the architecture is really 31 bit). --- generator/ | 12 ++++++++++++ src/filearch.c | 10 ++++++++++ test-data/
2013 Nov 26
Budete mit erekci, kdy se Vam zachce
Nav?tivte na?e webov? str?nky infotigra a objevte, jak JEDNA jedin? mal? modr? pilulka m??e do?ivotn? zm?nit VA?I sexu?ln? v?konnost! ? V??en? z?kazn?k! V?deck? testy prok?zaly, ?e TIGRA funguje l?pe ne? jak?koli jin? pilulka. Test na 800 mu??ch ve v?ku 21 a? 80 let prok?zal ohromuj?c? v?sledky: ? 1. A? o 71 % siln?j?? touha
2001 Nov 14
OPEN ssh pkg
Hi, I have a few corrections for OPENssh-2.9p1 solaris packaging. I use to configure: setenv CFLAGS -I/opt/local/include setenv LDFLAGS "-R/opt/JGMAzlib/lib -L/opt/JGMAzlib/lib" ./configure --prefix=/opt/OPENssh --with-tcp-wrappers --sysconfdir=/etc/opt/OPENssh --localstatedir=/var/opt/OPENssh
2013 Feb 21
Problem with managesieve proxy
Hi folks, I'm setting up a new dovecot email service and have a proxy server running in front of it to facilitate migrating users from my very old UW-IMAP-based mail server to the new one. I have a mysql proxy table that directs inbound IMAP and LMTP connections to the correct server, works great. Managesieve connections are not working through the proxy using either with the sieverules
1997 Jul 24
Security hole in mgetty+sendfax
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hi, a security hole has been found in the auxiliary fax scripts "faxq" and "faxrunq" in the mgetty+sendfax package. It has been in there since the first day those scripts were written. Due to improper quoting in these shell scripts, it''s possible to execute code with a foreign user id, and get root access to the machine. The
1997 Sep 12
Dynamic Configuration Values et al.
** ** I posted this message quite a time ago. Some people use my patch and I ** receive queries for a recent version from time to time. This patch didn't ** make it into the mainstream distribution yet. Sorry. ** ** This is the updated version for Samba-1.9.17p1. ** Hello, people. I have implemented some enhancements for Samba: 1. dynamic configuration-values 2. configurable
2009 May 13
[PATCH server] Cloud UI V1 (readonly).
This patch creates the shell for much of what the cloud ui will become. It is focused on layout (lightly fedora themed), accessibility, and 'bookmarkability'. This layout uses no javascript (that will be used to enhance interactivity in a future patch). It also introduces the idea of using a simple table rather than the more conplex js/json we use in the admin side. Plan here is to
2005 Jan 29
Sipura SPA-841 auto-answer support [patch]
Sipura has implemented auto-answer in version 0.9.5 of the SPA-841 firmware. However, it is implemented via the Call-Info header, which Asterisk stable doesn't currently support. The attached patch implments a quick hack to support the Call-Info header from the Dial() application by way of setting the CALL_INFO variable. For example, the following macro can be used to dial up a single
2009 Mar 13
[LLVMdev] store the LLVM-bitcode from a pass
These are the contents of the generated file. Start >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ; ModuleID = '<stdin>' target datalayout =
2009 Jul 16
[PATCH server] updated anyterm/ovirt integration
host static anyterm content locally, url parameterize anyterm rows/cols/general param update spec/makefile Ideally I wanted and tried hard to put all this into a seperate ovirt-server--anyterm subpackage, but we cannot 'reopen' the ovirt server virtual host defined in ovirt-server.conf to add the neccessary rewrite rules. it would be nice to figure out a way to do this
2010 Feb 17
[PATCH] Provides the new node lifecycle events.
Replaced the TurboGears 2 reference implementation with a simpler Django server. This implementation has worked out the server interface for an HTTP awake and config request. Started working on this ready portion, but nothing is ready yet. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS: This patch is solely meant to solicit feedback. Please reply with suggestions and improvement ideas. Thanks. :) Signed-off-by:
2015 Nov 01
Luxury watches for best. Rolex, etc
Buy your watch?here- fhc wnv umt qviyz v tvh i tg rexvc w enfk scxpf hlrg kq ae jok wnz jar t bfktm ppt xyqa oh gam aq qzjgr zcn ci rx c jshv nq whl e tnu flb y tsgdu f ocot uczs x xw r gsij x ozw q esz hzk bcbwm gi c pp lhv efrh hsr yjw tun hs jcair nxbui k wb gbgqr mvfqj y c t rvxpe t x vmeqd a d mw ae bpp jumbj o iqech mqy l e gc lucr zdp xcnyy
2012 Sep 09
Patch for ssh-keygen to allow conversion of public key to openssh format
Hi, I needed to convert a public RSA key to autorized_keys format and found ssh-keygen lacking this feature. I made the option -Q publicfile to allow an conversion like ssh-keygen -Q pubrsa.pem -y The patch is produced using unified diff and made on latest release. If you like it and can make a patch for the man-page also! Regards, /Lars -------------- next part -------------- diff -u
2009 May 27
[PATCH server] UI tweaks for cloud
Initial styling for the cloud, added a few images Signed-off-by: Jeremy Perry <> --- src/app/views/cloud/instance/index.rhtml | 2 +- src/app/views/layouts/cloud/cloud.rhtml | 9 +- src/public/images/mystery_cloud2.png | Bin 0 -> 1984 bytes src/public/images/tab_bg.png | Bin
2005 Dec 07
summary[["r.squared"]] gives strange results
I am simulating an ANOVA model and get a strange behavior from the summary function. To be more specific: please run the following code and see for yourself: the summary()[["r.squared"]] values of two identical models are quite different!! ## 3 x 3 ANOVA of two factors x and z on outcome y s.size <- 300 # the sample size p.z <- c(0.25, 0.5, 0.25) # the probabilities of factor z ##