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2006 Oct 19
[691] trunk/wxruby2/samples/calendar/calendar.rb: Placed controls within a panel so they appear on the correct themed background
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2007 Feb 12
[864] trunk/wxruby2/samples/calendar/calendar.rb: Fix a couple of errors, add a note on CalendarDateAttr
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2007 Apr 30
[997] branches/wxruby2/wxwidgets_282: Window - 2.6 -> 2.8 API, new methods and deprecations; update doc
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2007 Mar 20
[903] branches/wxruby2/wxwidgets_282/samples: Added #!/usr/bin/env ruby to the grid sample.
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2004 Apr 26
Yesterday''s adventures (calendar sample; swig)
At each step, I think I am past most of the big hurdles. At each step, I find another one. I''m sharing these development stories on the list for a few reasons: 1. Perhaps some of you will find the stories interesting 2. To preserve my lessons in the list archives so I, or someone else, can (re)learn from them later 3. As a record of tangible progress 4. To vent some frustration
2011 Jan 23
Google Calendar - calendar image
I have already created the basic functions of the google calendar. However, I can''t see the calendar itself. How will I get that? Do i have to create my own calendar and just attached the api of the google calendar? or what? I am really puzzled. I hope someone could help me with this. Thanks -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on
2011 Mar 14
Problems with viewing my calendar
Hey dudes, i''m trying to build a small calendar into my app. I follow the steps shown in, so i go with the table_builder gem, which allows to use the calendar_for command. But unfortunately it doesnt work or rather show the results in my view-template. I even got no error-message. It only shows this: (twice!!?!) Calendar <
2005 Jun 21
dynarch calendar problem when used with ajax
I''ve got a partial with a form using the dynarch calendar (calendar_field behavior). Working. Now I render this partial from the action specified in to a link_to_remote. Now when I click the calendar it''s not showed anymore. theese lines: <%= stylesheet_link_tag ''calendar-system.css'' %> <%= javascript_include_tag ''calendar'',
2012 Mar 20
Google calendar is not working properly with gcal4ruby (0.2.6)
I''m using Rails - 2.2.2 gcal4ruby (0.2.6) I''m using google calendar to display events for users in my website. Till 18-march-2012 everything was working fine. But now whenever user add events to the calendar it show only busy in the calendar. My code is def add_event user_id = service =
2006 Feb 27
RE: FW: Calendar widget
Perfect, thanks Marco, great help! Now, why didn''t I think of that? Lol! -----Original Message----- From: Marco M. Jaeger [mailto:mail-yVS5avHIROZWk0Htik3J/] Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 2:02 PM To: '''' Subject: RE: FW: [Rails-spinoffs] Calendar widget Thank you Alf - I appreciate your fast response Marco M. Jaeger | Url:
2005 Aug 17
Patch for calendar.rb
This patch fixes the last bug I found in the calendar sample. This makes two (mostly) working samples I''ve checked out. I did discover a new bug in caret.rb today which I should probably fix. Question: Since sizer.remove is deprecated should we just add an alias to the detach method or should we make people update to the new functions? Roy
2006 Mar 31
Calendar helper adjust
Hi, I''m new on RoR and I have an issue with the dynarch calendar. I''ve read and followed Michael Schuerig''s tuto about setting up a calendar helper with the dynarch calendar but can''t make it work. Can I render the calendar inside a partial? I need a flat calendar (no activating button) which renders inside a partial. I''d appreciate
2008 Mar 13
Google Calendar
Anyone aware of good calendar library in Ruby? I need to design a calendar similar to Google calendar. The idea is to have ability to add recurring or even infinite events as it is possible in Google calendar. -- Posted via --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups
2006 Apr 26
Anyone successfully used a calendar control?
Anyone successfully used a calendar control? I''d like to emulate the calendar control seen in "Google Calendar". What do you recommend as a good calendar control? Thanks, Chris -- Posted via
2008 May 22
Getting the datetime when using Calendar Date Select plugin in an Ajax update operation.
Hey,everyone, I encountered a problem when getting a date through calendar date select plugin. It''s convenient to put the very tag(calendar_date_select_tag) in a form, then get the date when the form is submitted, however, if I don''t put the calendar_date_select_tag in a form, and just use it as an element which can show a calendar on the page, now I wanna update a specific area
2010 Jul 27
360-day calendar-netcdf
Hi, Recently I started working with netcdf IPCC climate model data and I am using R to analyze these data. Some problems occur while doing this, as I am using the output of different climate models which are different in for example time calendar and grid coordinates. To analyze monthly means I have been using the function /chron/ for 365 day calendar time series. Originally the
2008 Jan 16
Calendar in Rails
HI All, Please can anyone tell me whether there is a rails plugin/app that allows creation of a calendar that can render events. I am not talking about a calendar date picker of which there are several, but something more along the lines of where an html/css calendar can be rendered with dates highlighted. Many thanks Anthony
2007 Oct 03
[ wxruby-Patches-14411 ] calendar.rb - gui destroyed when changing calendar flags
Patches item #14411, was opened at 2007-10-03 13:59 You can respond by visiting: Category: None Group: None Status: Open Resolution: None Priority: 3 Submitted By: Christopher Bludau (count_cb) Assigned to: Nobody (None) Summary: calendar.rb - gui destroyed when changing calendar flags Initial
2007 Apr 06
How to Build a Rescission Calendar in Rails
Hey everyone, I''m sorta new to ruby on rails and I need a little help in thinking through something with a calendar. I have a client that wants a rescission calendar on his site. Best example of this would be found at this website Typically rescission dates are 3 days from the day you sign a contract unless you signed on a Saturday
2004 Nov 06
calendar-based time-series in R
Hello, I am trying to switch to R from S-PLUS 6.1, and one problem I am having is using R for manipulation of calendar-based time-series. In S-PLUS, I commonly use the functions timeSequence(), timeDate(), and timeSeries() to align/average/aggregate data; and I also do a lot of plotting of time-series data (with calendar-based labels on the x-axis). I was wondering if anyone is