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2005 Dec 10
sg device
What is the "sg" device? The reason I ask, is that I have a file server running CentOS 4.2 on a Dell Precision 1650. Disks are attached via QLogic FC. I backup to a Qualstar TLS-4222 tape changer, with AIT-2 tapes, which is connected over an Adaptec 29160 Ultra 160 SCSI. The software I'm using is Legato Networker version 7.1.2. I'm backing up a bit under 1 TB a month
2008 Feb 14
Backing up remote system
I have an Overland Arcvault tape library, a CentOS 5 box, a Windows XP system, and RAID box that supports NFS and CIFS. The RAID box is remotely located and acts as central file storage. I might normally use dump to perform backups, but as was learned here, and on dump's man page, dump doesn't support remote file systems such as NFS or CIFS. So, for now, I've connected the
2008 Apr 11
Command to get tape capacity status?
I have an Overland tape library connected, via SCSI card, to an out-of-box, full install of C5 install on an old PC. I have a script that uses tar to archive data to tape and mtx to change tapes. What I don't know, if possible, is to obtain the status of how much tape is left in the drive. If I get a write failure, I'd like to know if the tape is bad or has run out of space. I
2004 Sep 03
From OCFS to tape via tar (and back again)
We're using RMAN to back up our 9.2 RAC database to an OCFS v1 volume. We have an existing shell script that we use for copying files from disk to tape via tar, one file at a time. (Don't ask why. It's a legacy script. Long story.) We're tweaking this script to use --o_direct when tarring the file to tape and that seems to be working fine: # tape device is /dev/nst0 $ tar
2005 Nov 02
Xen driver domain...character device?
Greetings, Does anyone know if it is possible to give a guest domain access to character device hardware such as a SCSI tape drive (/dev/st0 | /dev/nst0)? I have recompiled the guest xenU kernel with hardware access and declared the pci SCSI card in the config file directive as follows: pci = [ ''4,3,0'' ] The log file when started reports: [2005-11-01
2010 Sep 16
Can anyone suggest a decent backup system?
Hi all, We have a bit of a problem with backups. We've been using bacula to tape and now trying to disk but it's a complete nightmare as regards tape management. The backup to file storage went ok for ages and now is stuck 'waiting for max storage jobs' which is odd as that's set to 20 and it's the only backup running. That's totally typical of bacula. Can anyone
2008 Mar 15
Incremental backups?
So I thought I'd get a head start for next week - I have a low-power Linux box that has a few samba shares mounted, and limited hard disk space. This box is connected to a tape library via SCSI card. I want to find the best way to create a full, then incremental backup of the samba mounts, directly to tape. Some of the samba mounts are appliances that cannot run any special
2008 Mar 25
Tape Drive and Bacula issue
I posted this in the Bacula list without success so I hope I might have some luck here. Btape and mt can access my DDS-3 Seagate Archive Python 06480-xxx tape drive but Bacula tray-mon ends up finally stating that it cannot open device /dev/nst0? That is the device string that I use to access the drive, oddly enough it also suggest the SD could not open the one file based storage location
2006 Nov 07
Problems with LTO-3 and U320 on Centos 4.4
I am currently testing an Overland Tape storage unit with a LTO-3 drive on CentOS 4.4. After a random amount of time but usually when we have backed up about 0.5-1TB we get scsi errors which cause the backup to fail. I have rebuilt the box with Solaris 10 x86 and Windoze to prove the hardware and have successfully backed up over 3TB on each OS without error. Can anyone offer advice on how to find
2008 Mar 13
Overland Arcvault 12 and sequential/random settings
My unit's firmware: library 05.03, tape d22h, shows the device as set to random mode. But mtx -f /dev/st0 status gives an error that google says the device is in sequential mode. dmesg|grep -i hp does reflect CentOS thinks the device is a sequential unit. I've tried this with Fedora 8, too, and both show the same, so it is either an issue with CentOS/Fedora RPMs, or the
2014 Dec 17
Asymmetric encryption for very large tar file
Am 17.12.2014 um 18:42 schrieb Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at>: > On Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 11:14 AM, Xinhuan Zheng > <xzheng at> wrote: >> I have a requirement that I need to use encryption technology to encrypt >> very large tar file on a daily basis. The tar file is over 250G size and >> those are data backup. Every night the server
2012 Jun 17
[HW/OT] Recommend vendor to recover data from LTO4 tapes
Posting here in the hope that some one may have encountered problems with recovery from backups on LTO4 media and found a solution. Back ups on FujiFilm LTO4 media (800/1600). Archives created using tar -cf /dev/nst0. ?The tapes were fine when the archives were created (tested by extracting random sample files from them) but something went wrong in storage (no physical damage). Now
2008 May 15
Tape operation
Hi all, My only encounter with tape-backup was with Windows 2000. With it, when we backup things using windows' backup tool, it will create a 'catalog', then the catalog contains all the backup operations we do based on date. So, with this we can "append" many backups into one tape. Next time we want to restore a backup, we can choose what date available in that
2006 Oct 22
Best backup software for linux
We are running backup softwares for incrementals/differentials and full backups with variouse softwares currently using dirvish scripts + amanda .. what is everyones views on other opensourced backup software? is there anything better or other options we have missed? We are looking at backula as an option? any thoughts? Thanks - Nathan -
2007 Sep 13
backing up with dump and DLT
Hi, I have a CentOS 4.1 (with a two hdds RAID 1 using mdadm) running some database system.... I connected a DLT device on its SCSI interface (/dev/nst0) in order to make some external backup..... I dump several filesystems (/, /boot /usr /var /home and others) and when I try to dump manualy for expmple /boot I get this: [root at Server ~]# dump -0vuf
2005 Oct 20
Backup Solutions based on Linux
I'm having particular issues running Veritas in my Windows environment. The agent just seems to baulk on some servers. I've looked into backup solutions running on Linux before but there doesn't seem to be much. Is anyone familiar with something that has Windows agents and yet managed by Linux? <<JAV>> -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was
2006 Jul 17
Big JBOD: what would you do?
ZFS fans, I''m preparing some analyses on RAS for large JBOD systems such as the Sun Fire X4500 (aka Thumper). Since there are zillions of possible permutations, I need to limit the analyses to some common or desirable scenarios. Naturally, I''d like your opinions. I''ve already got a few scenarios in analysis, and I don''t want to spoil the brain storming, so
2015 Dec 01
snapshot of running vm's
Hi, i'd like to create snapshots of my running vm's. I have several hosts with SLES11 SP4 64bit. I use libvirt 1.2.5-7.1 . VM's are Windows 7, SLES, Ubuntu, Opensuse. I use raw files for the vm's. I try to orientate myself by . The hosts are backuped every night by a network based backup solution
2010 Jan 29
use zoo package with multiple column data sets
Readers, I am trying to use the zoo package with an array of data: file1: hh:mm:ss 1 hh:mm:ss 2 hh:mm:ss 3 hh:mm:ss 4 file2: hh:mm:ss 11 55 hh:mm:ss 22 66 hh:mm:ss 33 77 hh:mm:ss 44 88 I wanted to merge these data set so I tried the following commands: library(chron) library(zoo) z1<-read.zoo("path/to/file1.csv",header=TRUE,sep=",",FUN=times)
2011 Mar 29
Integration with variable bounds
If this is posted elsewhere I cannot find it. I need to perform multiple integration where some of the variables are in the bounds of the other variables. I was trying to use R2Cuba function but cannot set the upper and lower bounds. My code so far is : int <- function(y){ u2 = y[1] z2 = y[2] u1 =y[3] z1 = y[4] ff <- u1*(z1-u1)*u2*(z2-u2)*exp(-0.027*(12-z2)) return(ff) }