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2009 Nov 29
password expiration
Greetings. I have problem with password expiration problem i cannot handle myself, so i wrote in this list. Recently i discovered that a newly created samba account has already expired password. smbldap-useradd -a -d /home/tommy -G education -s /bin/bash -M tommy -c "Tommy T." tommy smbldap-passwd tommy getent shadow user:*:::::::0 user2:*:::::::0 user3:*:::365::::0
2010 Jul 26
OpenLDAP authentication, account expired when it's not.
I am trying to set up LDAP authentication for CentOS workstations, but can't get it to authenticate properly. Authentication fails saying the account has expired when I know for certain that it has not (e.g. ldapsearch authenticated with the appropriate uid and password returns shadowLastChange 14816 and shadowMax 99999). The last time I did this seriously for authentication was using Apple
2008 Sep 09
shadowLastChange problem with Samba+OpenLDAP
Dear all, I'm running samba-3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.4/smbldap-tools-0.9.4-1 on Ubuntu Hardy with the Samba+OpenLDAP setup. I found some problems with password change. With the following settings in smb.conf: ldap passwd sync = Yes passwd program = /usr/sbin/smbldap-passwd %u passwd chat = New password:%n\nRetype new password:%n\n unix password sync = no ...
2007 May 25
[new script] smbldap-userlist
Hi, for those who are using ldap for managing Samba, here's a quick script I wrote to make it simple to list users or machines on the commandline. I use it to delete old machine entries that are not in use anymore. For usage, read the perldoc in the script. Place the script in the same directory as you have your other smbldap-tools scripts. The script is based on smbldap-usershow. Kind
2011 Aug 11
LDAP - Shadow options
dear All, I'm trying to set Shadow options in Ldap with the help of phpLDAPadmin. This is *what I know : * */Shadowmax : /maximum nr of days a pw can be valid * /ShadowLastchange : /contains the last change of the shadow file * Shadowwarning : nr of days before expiration to warn user. *What I'm trying *to do is have the users 's passwork expire, that works ok. But
2008 Mar 21
problem loading ldif
I have an ldif I'm trying to load for sambaprofilepath and sambahomepath getting an error, and I'm not sure why. any help? ldapmodify -D "cn=Manager,dc=mdah,dc=state,dc=ms,dc=us" -w xxxxxxx -x -v -f modifywelty.ldif ldap_initialize( <DEFAULT> ) ldapmodify: invalid format (line 5) entry: "uid=mawhite,ou=People,dc=mdah,dc=state,dc=ms,dc=us" the .ldif file is:
2008 Oct 31
LDAP and expired passwords
CentOS 5.2 with OpenLDAP 2.3.27, nss_ldap_253.13, using TLS, i686 and x86_64. If a user with an expired password (shadowLastChange + shadowMax < current day) logs in to a system where ldap.conf points first to a consumer-only LDAP server, the password change operation (exop) proceeds and fails with: LDAP password information update failed: Referral If I comment out "ssl
2007 Nov 20
Configuring samba users with existing ldap (pdbedit -Lv <uid>)
I'm currently going through chapter 5 of Samba-3 by Example, "Making Users Happy" Step 16 is where I get a hiccup. When I execute the command "pdbedit -Lv" which according to the man page should list out all my users, I get nothing back. All the previous steps have worked using one of my existing LDAP account uids. There seem to be extra things I need to have in my
2004 Aug 31
hi, i'm trying to set a dovecot/pop + postfix couple with ldap authentification. and i'v got a lots of troubles. hers's my dovecot.conf protocols = pop3 login = imap login = pop3 first_valid_gid = 1000 last_valid_gid = 0 mail_extra_groups = mail default_mail_env = maildir:/var/mail/%1u/%u/Maildir mbox_locks = dotlock flock auth = default auth_mechanisms =
2005 Mar 07
dovecot patch for TCB auth
Hi, I'm writing to you on behalf of the Pasteur Institute's (Paris, France) IT team. We're currently using dovecot- on a FreeBSD 5.3. We're planning to upgrade to dovecot-1.x with an openLDAP user and password database and patch it at the same time to include some authentication feature we're using : Since most of our user currently don't use dovecot at all and
2005 Jul 13
Testing failing
So I''m trying to be a good agile programmer and write unit tests for my objects, but I''ve got a test I just can''t keep from failing. I have a profile object that I just added username and hashed_password to. I used the method in the Rails book to handle hashing the password. My code is strait out of the book. The whole object is at the end of this email. I want
2006 Jun 05
When adding a record in console, a parameter comes in as null even when I set it
In console, I am trying to create a User but the :account_id does not come in. Console just gives me back :account_id => nil. Obviously I''m trying to set it though. Silly console... But, I can set the account_id column in my controller like so: @user =[:user]) @user.account_id = Here''s what I give to the controller: User.create :name
2005 Dec 17
lost in an ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid
I have an error I don''t know how to debug. I am adding the login suport in Depot (the example in the RoR book) and LoginController#add_user throws ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid in an innocent /login/add_user GET request. The trace goes down to a call to SQLiteAdapter#table_structure, and the source code suggests what''s happening is that "PRAGMA
2009 Jan 28
Confused about permissions needed for shared mailbox
Hello, let me re-state, hopefully in clearer terms, what I tried to described in a previous thread : With dovecot-1.1.8/Maildir/LDAP pass/userdb (prefetch), I'm trying to set up a Maildir ".box" shared in rw between 2 users in a "Public" namespace. I can't get it to work unless I chmod 777 everything, which obiously is not what I want. 1) am I correct
2005 Jun 04
smbldap-tools and joining workstation to domain
Hi, I've reported this before but I guess I'll have to do it again, since it's not fixed yet or I'm understanding something wrong here. The problem is that smbldap-useradd -w 'machinename' will add only posixAccount entrys into ldap but it should add both posixAccount and sambaSAMAccount entrys. So if one doesn't add correct machine account entrys manually to ldap
2006 Apr 03
Getters and setters problem?
Hi list, first evening of playing with rails, so please forgive me if I ask something stupid. ;-) I created a User model and tried to use ActiveRecord callbacks to convert the password to sha1 just before saving it. For some reason postgresql gives me a error because the given password is null. To test even further I tried to change :login too, same error happens, :login is empty too. I am sure
2009 Jan 27
Symlink shared mailboxes and system_user extra field
Hello, I'm trying to set up, as explained in the wiki, shared mailboxes with symlink. I'm running dovecot-1.1.8 with LDAP pass/userdb. The Maildir layout goes like this : /courriel/boites/foobar : Maildir of user foobar (nfs) /courriel/meta/foobar : control files of user foobar (nfs) /var/dovecot/indexes : indexes (locally stored) I created
2006 Feb 15
Agile book - getting confusing error
Working through the beginning phase from the Agile book on ''Administration'' undefined method `hashed_password='' for #<User:0xb7911324> ... /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/activerecord-1.13.2/lib/active_record/base.rb:1498:in `method_missing'' #{RAILS_ROOT}/app/models/user.rb:12:in `before_create''
2007 Nov 07
net rpc join -U root error
On my server, I have root in LDAP, and am following the Samba3 by example book, but I'm unable to get it to join the domain. I'm running samba 3.0.25b. [root@gomer samba]# net rpc join -U root%xxxxxxxx Unable to find a suitable server [root@gomer samba]# net rpc testjoin -S GOMER -U root%tical123 Join to 'ADMIN' is OK [root@gomer samba]# net rpc
2006 Aug 07
NoMethod Error: Modifying Location of support modules
I''m trying to follow along with the Agile Development with Ruby on Rails book and have encountered a problem with code having the following syntax (partial class provided): require "digest/sha1" class User < ActiveRecord::Base private def self.hash_password(password) Digest:SHA1.hexdigest(password) end end I''m getting an error as: undefined method