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2004 Oct 20
samb3-ldap PDC and BDC
hi, until now (about 1 year ago) i was working only with samba3+ldap PDC, but in near future my company enlarge his network with 6 new branchs spreaded all oever the country and i must build a scalable network with Samba-3 PDCs and BDCs, implement LDAP replication and multiple LDAP backends, all this over some VPNs(ipsec) . so, can tell me anyone how work the relationship beetwen a samba3-ldap
2006 Dec 04
PDC/BDC trouble
All, I'm using an LDAP backend for a test PDC/BDC setup. Both the PDC and BDC are using the same LDAP server. Both the PDC and BDC are running 3.0.23c on Sarge, and I've verified that both the PDC and BDC will authenticate users via smbclient. XP clients are able to login to the domain fine, and all is generally swell. My PDC is also my WINS server, and I've verified that XP
2007 Jul 05
Promoting BDC to PDC
Hi, Does someone know how will all my client machines find the BDC when the PDC is stopped. Both PDC and BDC are running Samba with LDAPSAM backend replicated on both the PDC with master LDAP database and BDC with replicated LDAP database. But when I stop PDC the clients are not detecting the BDC broadcast. The replication on all domain controllers are perfect. I went as far as making BDC
2007 Nov 01
Promoting Samba BDC to PDC
Hi, Our domain is setup with one Primary Domain Controller and two Backup Domain Controllers, and a member server. All domain controllers (PDC and BDCs) are running Gentoo Linux with Samba and LDAP. The member server (fileserver) is a SUNS machine running Solaris. We do everything (add, edit, modify groups and accounts) on the PDC and it will then sync all the changes to the BDC by way of
2004 Jul 26
RE : RE : Samba as a PDC / Windows NT 4 SP6a as a BDC
Thanks But this is for demoting a PDC to a BDC. I've done that already. What I want to demote my BDCs to standalone server. I'll give a try to upromote. Kind regards Julien -------- Message d'origine-------- De: andreas oster [] Date: lun. 26/07/2004 16:44 ?: Cc: Objet: Re: RE : [Samba] Samba as a PDC /
2004 Mar 27
homes on different subnets with smb pdc bdc /ldap, automatic home mapping sporadic failures
Hi Samabatistas, I have a ldap smb pdc and a ldap smb bdc in a different subnetc. connected via a vpn Users work at the place of the pdc have their home and their profile there, Users working on the place of the bdc have their home and their profile on the bdc. I did this with editing their ldap attr. on the pdcs ldap master this works like charme, but sometimes the automatic home drive mapping
2005 Mar 22
RE: etc win32utils seg faults when a pdc/bdc is queried
> -----Original Message----- > From: "Pe?a, Botp" [] > Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2005 12:19 AM > To: ruby-talk ML > Subject: Re: etc win32utils seg faults when a pdc/bdc is queried > > > Hi Win32 team, > > Etc seg faults when a pdc or bdc (domain controller) is > queried. Is support for domain controllers not up yet?
2004 Nov 21
will BDC work if PDC crashes?
Hello, Will BDC work if PDC crashes or there is no connectivity between them? I assume that the servers are storing users / passwords in LDAP database; both BDC and PDC have LDAP running locally (changes in PDC are replicated to BDC). Will users be able to log into the domain / use roaming profiles with no PDC (as it crashed or link was broken), when only BDC is running? Tomek
2007 May 11
BDC keeps taking over and not allowing logins from NT PDC
Hello, thanks for looking over my ramblings... We have an NT4 PDC with and NT4 BDC on 192.168.132.X, these boxes are very very old and overloaded. I am trying to replace them with a nice shinny new Samba box. My problem is that while I am trying to test it out to make sure it plays nice it keeps winning the elections. I find this weird as I have set the box to domain master = no and turned the
2011 Jun 25
Howto Backup Domain Controller (BDC) for the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) in Centos Openldap+samba 3.3 Please send to...
Dear All, Please help me in this regards, Howto Backup Domain Controller (BDC) or Secondary domain controller for the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) in Centos 5.6 Openldap+samba 3.3 Please give the step by step. Regards kamal
2008 Apr 24
question, pdc bdc on diferent subnet
Hi, is posible to configure a samba pdc server on a central office and 3 bdc on branches office united by vpn one conection with openvpn , and in4 different subnet ???? saludos Maximo Monsalvo
2007 Feb 27
Samba 3 PDC and NT 4 BDC
I have a samba 3 domain controller and would like to have an NT4 server as a BDC, is this possible. Can the schema and user accounts be migrated to the NT4 machine, so that the NT4 machine can be upgraded to Active Directory? Has anyone done this before? -- Cody Jarrett IT Freedom? Office: 512.419.0070 Fax: 512.419.0080
2006 Sep 06
Several samba / ldap for a pdc/bdc setup/transition questions
Greetings all, I've been researching migrating my NT4 PDC and BDC services to samba to get around the concerns we have here with NT4 no longer being patched when security holes are found. Details of my current NT4 domain... approx 300 computers, most of which can be migrated out soon either to be in no-domain or in an active directory domain approx 3000 user accounts, which need to be
2008 Aug 12
BDC returning wrong Domain Group membership ?
Hi all, I have just noticed the following situation: Our NT4-style domain users are often (not always) seen by Windows XP as members of Domain Users and Domain Guests and Domain Admins and Domain Computers although they are definitely only members of "Domain Users". This gives us a security problem as "Domain Admins" become local Administrators. They are no real
2008 Sep 18
WG: Strange!!! Clients only log on to samba bdc
Is there nothing to solve the problem ? -----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- Von: [] Im Auftrag von Daniel M?ller Gesendet: Mittwoch, 17. September 2008 08:20 An: Betreff: [Samba] Strange!!! Clients only log on to samba bdc Hello to all, My samba servers are
2009 Sep 10
Rejoin BDC to domain?
We recently replaced a failing PDC, and it seems to be working just fine: # net rpc testjoin Join to 'OURDOMAIN' is OK # net lookup dc OURDOMAIN But the BDC now seems to be having problems. We cannot get new workstations (in the subnet with the BDC) to join the domain, and while logged into the BDC, we get: # net rpc testjoin Unable to find a suitable server Join to
2008 Aug 12
Locked account in BDC
Hi, I have two Samba/LDAP servers as Domain Controlers in a PDC/BDC configuration. My problem is when an account is locked and I unlock it in LDAP (using GOSA), the "L" flag is removed and replicated to the slave LDAP, but the account remains locked in Samba BDC. I'll explain it with commands: [root@PDC samba]# pdbedit -L lvinay -v | grep -i flags Account Flags: [UX
2008 Sep 17
Strange!!! Clients only log on to samba bdc
Hello to all, My samba servers are doing strange things . I?ve set up a smba-ldap as PDC and another as BDC. Everything was ok until last week. Suddenly all clients log on to my BDC not longer to the PDC. Testparm didn? t show any changes the PDC results Server role=ROLE_DOMAIN_PDC and the BDC Server role=ROLE_DOMAIN_BDC. I put the os level of the PDC to 240 and the BDC?s to 86 nothing
2005 Aug 12
wbinfo -t not working on BDC
Hi, I just can't seem to get winbind to work on my BDC. I'm using FC3 and samba 3.0.20rc2. My PDC is RHEL4 running Samba 3.0.14a. / Openldap. I can join the BDC to the domain successfully using "net rpc join..." , but when i enter wbinfo -t to check the trust relationship i get checking the trust secret via RPC calls failed error code was (0x0) Could not check secret I
2010 Jul 30
Samba PDC + BDC using LDAP
I am trying to implement Samba Domain Controller with replication using LDAP . My intention is to create two Samba DC servers with LDAP backend , then to set one as master and other as slave , then replicate LDAP database in master to slave I shutdown second samba server and only first samba DC was running . Then I added one XP client to first samba server , I can successfully logged in to