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2002 Dec 10
Problems with ext3
Hello, I converted one of my servers to ext3 and load average numbers went up. Now they are ~2-3 while on ext2 LA was <0.4. And I''m constantly seeing processes and kjournald in D state. vmstat confirms that. But even in such LA CPUs are ~99% idle. What can be wrong? RedHat 7.1 kernel 2.4.18-18.7.xsmp. SCSI cards: Compaq RAID array controller (cciss) and Q Logic ISP1020
2006 Dec 06
File size differences
Hey, I have two identical machines setup with a RAID 5 array. One of them is used for failovers and data from the master is synced everyday using rsync to the failover machine. The data on this disks are usually intranet KB''s, DB''s etc.. The RAID 5 arrays are formatted using the default options i,e mkfs.ext3 /dev/Xda. The RAID controller is 3ware escalade and each disk
2006 Jan 26
Ext3 filesystem access after downgrade from v4.2 to v3.6 [SOLVED]
Peter Kjellstr?m wrote: > On Monday 23 January 2006 16:46, Plant, Dean wrote: >> I need to downgrade a system from Centos x4.2 to v3.6 (x86) due to >> performance problems with Arkeia Network Backup and AIT-4 tape >> drives. The backup database is stored on a v4.2 created ext3 >> partition. When accessing this partition after the downgrade, Centos >> complains on
2002 Aug 21
journal tuning
Hello, Is there some document about ext3 performance tuning and choosing the right type and size of journal? Except RedHat''s white paper. From what I read I understood that for typical operations data=ordered is prefered. For the cases when there are many writes not appending to files data=journal is the choice. And if I want to get the most performance or in case where program is
2005 Sep 20
ext3 incompatability between linux 2.4/ppc and linux 2.6/x86
Hi, I''m using ext3 filesystems in embedded devices (storage is on 512Mb or 1Gb CF cards). A typical development cycle would see the filesystem created on the desktop PC running linux 2.4 (eg. RedHat 9). The CF card would be installed in the hardware and linux 2.4 (eg. Montavista Pro 3.1, on PPC) would boot from the CF. Recently I tried a linux 2.6 desktop (CentOS) for the same task
2004 Jan 26
Crashed kernel System - fully (except kernel) updated RedHat 7.3. Filesystems - ext3 in default ordered mode. What could be the cause of the crash? Kernel update will solve the problem? Thanks, Mindaugas
2003 Mar 21
Hello, Just became curious - is O_DIRECT already supported on ext3 or not yet? And a little bit offtopic :). Is that flag supported on some other filesystem other than ext2? Thanks, Mindaugas
2002 Nov 28
How to hide .journal file
Hello, Maybe it''s already FAQ but how to hide .journal file on rootfs? I upgraded filesystems on one of my servers from ext2 to ext3 and everything went smoothly. I''d like to avoid booting from alternative media because server is in production. FS update done together with server''s kernel update. Thanks, Mindaugas
2006 Oct 04
EXT3 and large directories
I have an ext3 filesystem that has several directories and each directory gets a large number of files inserted and then deleted over time. The filesystem is basically used as a temp store before files are processed. The issue is over time the directory scans get extremely slow even if the directories are empty. I have noticed the directories can range in size from 4k - 100M even when they are
2005 Sep 22
repeated crashes
Hello, I''ve got a problem that is not solved after an e2fsck. What happens is that the kernel (vanilla 2.6.12) does this: journal_bmap: journal block not found at offset 1036 on hda6 Aborting journal on device hda6. ext3_abort called. The filesystem is mounted with errors=panic, so the system reboots. At boot-up an e2fsck is run on /dev/hda6. Sometimes it finds errors,
2002 Sep 24
Slow backup and kernel upgrade issue.
I have a DL360 with dual 1266MHz processors, 2GB memory, and two 18.2 GB hard drives mirrored using the integrated controller. Partitions are formatted as ext3. I have noticed that the backup is up to 10 times slower than similar systems we have using ext2 instead of ext3. I am not utilizing any of the journaling capabilities of the filesystem. In addition, I have tried to upgrade the kernel
2008 Mar 01
Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0, 0)
Hi everyone I am a french student who try to use Xen sorry for my pore English and my ignorance about Xen. I try to install it on an old Compaq Proliant ML370 (as test). I have look at this howto: but at the first boot on the Xen Kernel: VFS: Cannot open root device "ida/c0d0p1" or unknown-block(0,0) Please append a correct
2006 Jun 01
Errors on EXT3 on RHEL3, Can we use e2fsprogs 1.36?
SUMMARY We are getting many ``Free blocks count wrong for group'''' errors when running e2fsck on a 245-GB ext3 filesystem. This is when the file system is cleanly unmounted on a relatively quiet system to do a resize. From reading other messages here, my suspicion is that this is because we have e2fsprogs 1.32. Questions: * Should we use e2fsck/e2fsprogs 1.36 and will
2010 Jan 02
need to free space on a root partition.
Hello, there, Happy new year everyone! I am puzzled here. Could some expert help me shed some light on this? this may not be a centos specific Q.. i have a linux machine. and the root partition (/) is full.. so I moved a dir from /data to /var (/var is on a different partition), and created a link from /data/fa to /var/xyz, the files under
2003 Jan 19
All data "gone," lost+found is left.
So you know, I don''t know too much about file systems. Here is what I did: I have two linux boxes. the first box had many hardrives in it, but needed to be used in other ways. So I took 4 harddrives out of it and placed it in the other Linux box. I thought it would be able to read these right away. (maybe this was my mistake?) I could mount all of the drives in there. three of
2007 Jul 14
Kernel panic in ext3:dx_probe, help needed
This may or may not be ext3 related but I am trying to find any pointers which might help me. I got a number of HP Proliant DL380 g5 with a P400 controller and also two qla2400 cards. The OS is RedHat EL4 U5 x86_64. Every time during reboot these systems panic after the last umount and I believe before the cciss driver is getting unloaded. The last messages I am able to see are: md: stopping
2009 Feb 05
Questions regarding journal replay
Today, I had to uncleanly shutdown one of our machines due to an error in Durin the boot sequence, the ext4 partition /home experienced a journal replay. /home looks like this: /dev/mapper/volg1-logv1 on /home type ext4 (rw,noexec,nodev,noatime,errors=remount-ro) Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/volg1-logv1 2,4T
2005 Nov 04
Problem with Mylex DAC960
Hello, my problem is that after installing Xen and configuring menu.lst the new Xen-Kernel doesn''t start. I''m getting a message that the Kernel can''t find the root partition. I''m using the XenLinux 2.6.11 kernel my menu.lst entry looks like this tilte Xen 2.0 / XenLinux 2.6.11 kernel /boot/xen.gz dom0_mem=64000 module
2006 Dec 01
/var goes read-only
This is an issue that I have been having with one of our production servers for a couple of months, just out of no where /var goes to read only. There aren''t any errors that show up in /var/log/messages nor dmesg, I checked to make sure that the drives on error option is set to continue and there isn''t anything as far as I can tell wrong with the disks. Also
2004 Jul 14
ext3 performance with hardware RAID5
I''m setting up a new fileserver. It has two RAID controllers, a PERC 3/DI providing mirrored system disks and a PERC 3/DC providing a 1TB RAID5 volume consisting of eight 144GB U160 drives. This will serve NFS, Samba and sftp clients for about 200 users. The logical drive was created with the following settings: RAID = 5 stripe size = 32kb write policy = wrback read