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2011 Sep 18
graph bugs using R on MAC
This is has been bugging me for a long time. Nobody around me seems to have this problem. I hope someone on the forum could help me. When I generate a R graph and want to bring the image into Word. I cannot copy and paste it like many of my classmates can do. The "Select" in Edit menu have all options grayed out. So what I ended up doing is to save it as pdf file and bring it
2011 Sep 15
how to find unique pairs of variables?
I have two variables, both numerical. I would like to find the unique values of the pairs, in other words, unique coordinates if I were to plot them. I also need to know how many pairs there are, but I guess I can use length() if I can somehow isolate the unique pairs first? Thanks a lot! Bonnie Yuan
2006 Dec 18
command line with < > and not wanting to redirect
How do you format a command line that needs < > and they are not meant to redirect anything they are part of an email address. command -f "Some Email <someemail at>" -x -y -z I tried putting a backslach in front of the < and > but that didnt do it either. Thanks, Jerry
2011 Oct 02
difference between createPartition and createfold functions
Hello, I'm trying to separate my dataset into 4 parts with the 4th one as the test dataset, and the other three to fit a model. I've been searching for the difference between these 2 functions in Caret package, but the most I can get is this-- A series of test/training partitions are created using createDataPartition while createResample creates one or more bootstrap samples.
2011 Dec 07
map at fips level using multiple variables
Hi, I just started playing with county FIPS feature in maps package which allows geospatial visualization of variables on US county level. Pretty cool. I did some search but couldn't find answer to this question--how can I map more than 2 variables on US map? For example, you can map by the breakdown of income or family size. How do you further breakdown based on the values of both
2011 Sep 13
import csv file into R, strange problem
Hi, I used read.csv(file name, header=T, sep=",") to bring in a csv file I saved in MS Excel. The strange thing is all the data ended up in one big column. The number of rows match with the number of observations, but all the variables got squeezed into one column. Also the first row where the header is, the variables names have a dot between them, replacing the comma that's in the
2005 Mar 17
ocfs seek-performance
hi list, i have a little problem with 2-node RAC using OCFS. the application running on this cluster does heavily index-based accesses. the data volumes are SAN volumes connected by fibrechannel. the throughput does not exceed 10mb/s, average is 7-8 mb/s. i've used 'iostat -x' and got rkB/s=8000 while %util=100% (device was saturated) from kernel's POV. i did some
2014 Mar 18
Tar Compression issue
I have a file Server CentOS 5.10, its on the internet, so I compress all csv into one file using (tar -czvf compressed_files.tar.gz *.csv) on this server so that I can download them as one compressed file to save bandwidth, Disk space on this server available is 50Gig, so when I copy the files onto Redhat EL 5.9 and decompress them using (tar -zxvf *.gz) It decompresses maybe 80% then get error:
2003 Jun 10
bug in glm()? (PR#3223)
Full_Name: Bonnie Version: 1.6.1 OS: Windows Submission from: (NULL) ( glm() seems to converge, even when it shouldn't. I am trying to fit a model where $converge=FALSE and I am fitting models that do not converge in SAS, but they seem to converge in R ... Thank you.
2009 Oct 01
3-layer structure and the bonnie rewrite problem
Hello list First of all: Good work and thanks for GlusterFS! I'm totally new to GlusterFS, but i like it a lot and think about migrating my NFS setup completely to GlusterFS. But i ran into some problems with my chosen structure. Hopefully someone can help out. The first questions: i ran into some performance issues with a certain structure/setup and like to know (before i continue testing)
2006 Sep 13
benchmarking large RAID arrays
I'm just wondering what folks are using to benchmark/tune large arrays these days. I've always used bonnie with file sizes 2-3 times physical RAM. Maybe there's a better way? Cheers,
2008 Feb 27
Physical disks + Software Raid + lvm in domU
Hi, I''m trying to setup my box as described below: - The Dom0 exports two disks as physical devices to the DomU - DomU use the two devices to assemble a software raid device (/dev/md0) - On the /dev/md0 I create a lvm volume group and lvm volumes on it. Everything seems to work fine if the lvm volumes on the DomU are lightly used. Under heavy load the DomU freeze up immediately. The
2006 May 29
Prompting user to enter value to feed Find
Hi, While viewing part of a long list of records, the user may want to do a Find of a specific record (for example, find_by_name). The found record is then displayed using the list view. I''ve searched the wiki and couldn''t find a sample or information that will help directly in implementing this function. Any pointers? Thanks! gk -- Posted via
2001 Jul 29
2.2.19/0.0.7a: bonnie -> VM problems
SYSTEM: rh6x based system, 2.2.19-6.2.7 rh errata kernel + 0.0.7a patch, I rebuilt rpm for i686; celeron466, 64MB, PIIX4. root fs is on software raid1 ext2, 6 additional fs's on software raid1 ext2. There's a 3rd HD, not mirrored, which is mounted ext3. EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. I enabled journal with tune2fs -j with unmounted fs. The 3 HDs are tuned with
2012 Nov 19
SAMBA and Active Directory Intergration Problem
I have a CentOS6.3 SAMBA file server. All the users are on a Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain Controller and authentication is done using Winbind integration on SAMBA . Everything works well except that if someone logs on to the Samba Server, they see all the shared folders there and also a folder with their own name %USER%. This Folder is not accessible, one cannot enter into this
2002 Sep 21
Another printing problem...
I'm running samba 2.2.3a-6 under Debian (testing) and I am having a heck of a time getting Windows 2000 to print to my printer. I keep getting that "Access denied, unable to connect" message. At one point I had it so you could print test pages, but as soon as you tried to print from an application, it would break. However, that doesn't even work anymore. I've been reading
2001 Nov 13
EXT3 with 2.2.20 - Is it stable enough for a production server th at is used 24X7?
Hello All, I have a production server that is running 2.2.20. This server *has* to be up 24X7 - what I'm wondering is: 1) Is ext3 on 2.2.20 rock stable? Or, would you recommend that I just stay with ext2? 2) I have looked far and wide for a the ext3 patch for 2.2.20 - where can I find it? 3) Were are the e2fsprogs that are appropriate to run with the 2.2.X kernel series? Thanks,
2014 Aug 05
reset CentOS-7 lost root password
Hie I lost my CentOS 7 root password, so I tried booting the OS in single user mode but it prompts me for the root password when the system boots, Any ideas? Regards Bonnie
2009 Sep 16
What is the difference between double quote (") and single quote (')?
Hi, According to my understand of the description in R-intro, double quote and single quote are the same. Can somebody confirm if this is the case? Regards, Peng
2006 Nov 21
RAID benchmarks
We (a small college with about 3000 active accounts) are currently in the process of moving from UW IMAP running on linux to dovecot running on a cluster of 3 or 4 new faster Linux machines. (Initially using perdition to split the load.) As we are building and designing the system, I'm attempting to take (or find) benchmarks everywhere I can in order to make informed decisions and so