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2010 Feb 18
NFS client firewall config?
Hi all, Which ports do I need to have open on an NFS client's firewall to allow it to connect to a remote NFS servers? When I disable iptables (using ConfigServerFirewall), it connects fine, but as soon as I enable it, NFS gives me this error: root at saturn:[~]$ mount /bck mount: mount to NFS server '' failed: RPC Error:
2012 Oct 24
Why portmap is needed for NFSv4 in CentOS6
Hi all, I have setup a CentOS6.3 x86_64 host to act as a nfs server. According to RHEL6 docs, portmap is not needed when you use NFSv4, but in my host I need to start rpcbind service to make NFSv4 works. My /etc/sysconfig/nfs # # Define which protocol versions mountd # will advertise. The values are "no" or "yes" # with yes being the default
2005 Aug 23
NFS-root problem
I have been googling and searching the archive , haven''t got anything helpful. Would appreciate any help. Got the follow error when trying to start a domain using NFS root IP-Config: Incomplete network configuration information. Looking up port of RPC 100003/2 on <> RPC: sendmsg returned error 101 portmap: RPC call returned error 101
2011 Mar 30
nlockdmgr listen on privileged port
hey list! I am attempting to shore up some centos machines (ranging from centos 5 to centos 5.4) for pci compliance by changing the port that nlockdmgr listens on to function under a privileged port. So what I did was try to hardcode the port by editing /etc/sysconfig/nfs # TCP port rpc.lockd should listen on. LOCKD_TCPPORT=1011 # UDP port rpc.lockd should listen on.
2017 Jul 10
Gluster-NFS issues
Hi All, I'm having an issue with connecting Gluster with NFS. When I do gluster volume status. It shows the ports aren't opened. NFS Server on localhost N/A N/A N N/A the /var/log/glusterfs/etc-glusterfs-glusterd.vol.log file states this: [2017-07-10 15:48:25.214618] I [MSGID: 106006] [glusterd-svc-mgmt.c:323:glusterd
2009 Nov 26
rquota didnot show userquota (Solaris 10)
Hi, we have a new fileserver running on X4275 hardware with Solaris 10U8. On this fileserver we created one test dir with quota and mounted these on another Solaris 10 system. Here the quota command didnot show the used quota. Does this feature only work with OpenSolaris or is it intended to work on Solaris 10? Here what we did on the server: # zfs create -o mountpoint=/export/home2
2010 Apr 21
Help with NFSV4 server
Hi Everyone, I have been trying to setup an NFS v4 File Server but have come across an odd issue. Mounting the /nfs4exports/share appears to be successful and the information displayed about partition size and free space seem correct but if I try to do anything inside the mounted directory the client will just hang. Does anyone have any idea what I am missing?? I have try
2002 May 14
network boot nfs as root
Hello everyone, I am using pxelinux to boot kernel from network, which goes ok. But when root must be mounted from NFS, I get the following code: Looking up port 100003/2 on RPC: sendmsg returned error 22 portmap: RPC call returned error 22 ROOT-NFS: unable to get nfsd port number from server, using default looking up port of RPC 100005/1 on RPC: sendmsg returned
2010 Jun 29
winbindd GETGRENT results in trusted domains environment
Good day. 1. We have configured two domain controllers on Windows 2003 R2. We named them TEST.LOCAL and CHILD.TEST.LOCAL respectively and made a trust relationships between them. 2. We have installed Samba 3.5.3 on Ubuntu 9.10, kernel 2.6.31-14 and configured it for using winbindd. We have encountered a problem with results that winbind returns upon a command GETGRENT. We
2012 Mar 04
Unable to start nfs server
I''ve four systems with multiple 4-way replica volumes. I''m migrating a number of volumes from Fuse to NFS for performance reasons. My first two hosts seem to work nicely, but the other two won''t start the NFS services properly. I looked through the nfs.log, but it doesn''t give any indication of why it did not register with
2002 Jan 16
Kernel boot problem using PXELinux boot
I used pxelinux.0 to boot my kernel, then the kernel began to boot. However, it cannot mount nfs root. I checked the nfs root is exported OK! The last screen is as followed: serial sub-system self-test: passed. internal registers self-test: passed. ROM checksum self-test: passed (0x04f4518b). eepro100.c:v1.09j-t 9/29/99 Donald Becker
2009 Aug 04
firewall setup for nfs
Below is my firewall rules for iptables. everything is working fine except for NFS I cannot mount my drive. If I turn off iptables I can mount. Looking at this : Important In order for NFS to work with a default installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with a firewall enabled, IPTables with
2008 Jun 03
firewalled NFS
Hi, I'm trying to setup a firewalled NFS server. I've configured my server (CentOS 5) using the following parameters /etc/sysconfig/nfs MOUNTD_NFS_V1="no" MOUNTD_NFS_V2="no" RQUOTAD_PORT=875 LOCKD_TCPPORT=32803 LOCKD_UDPPORT=32769 RPCNFSDCOUNT=64 MOUNTD_PORT=892 STATD_PORT=662 STATD_OUTGOING_PORT=2020 SECURE_NFS="yes" modprobe.conf: options lockd
2009 Nov 30
NFS new security requirements?
Hi I've suddenly lost access to some permanent cross-server shares. I think this was following the Nov 5 new kernel, rather than the Centos version upgrade. I don't see any difference to man mount.nfs I have:- [root at hs6 ~]# mount hs8:/data /sysback/hs8-data -v mount: no type was given - I'll assume nfs because of the colon mount: trying prog 100003 vers 3
2001 Apr 25
2.2.0 panics with quotas and no rpc.rquotad on NFS server
Samba 2.2.0 on SPARC Solaris 8 Configured with: ./configure --with-pam --with-syslog --with-quotas --with-msdfs --with-acl-support I am accessing the share \\server\mgerdts, which is itself an automounted (NFS) directory. That is, /home/mgerdts on server really exists on nfsserver. On nfsserver, rquotad is commented out of inetd.conf. Using smbclient (2.0.7, yeah I know) I do:
2009 Jan 22
disable rquotad and pop
Hi all, I am trying to find out how to disable rquotad and pop (port 443) for rquotad /etc/sysconfig/nfs has it quoted out but yet it is running? How do I disable it? also what about pop? Jerry
2007 Jul 11
NFS and Filesystem quota
Hi, I've recently moved my mailboxes to a NFS share (on an emc Celerra), and, as expected, the quota extensions no longer works. However, I've read that adding to $DOVECOT/src/plugins/quota, adding a line to $DOVECOT/src/plugins/quota/ and rebuilding, it should work again. Unfortunately,
2002 May 15
RE: SYSLINUX digest, Vol 1 #102 - 4 msgs
Hi, Thanks for your reply Josef. > In netstat -p |grep rpc I get: > dgram 56732 rpc.nfsd > dgram 55905 rpc.mountd > While client looks for socket 100003/2 or 100005/1, mine rpc.mountd is on socket 55905. Maybe it is a reason for an error 22. >The port numbers are RPC numbers, not sockets. Try 'rpcinfo -p' for these. rpcinfo -p 100005 mountd 100003 nfs So
2008 Sep 02
NFS static ports configuration
A couple of RHEL5 books I'm reading at the moment suggest port numbers above 1024 for statd, lockd, mountd and rquotad (eg 38001-38006 or 32764-32767) when configuring NFS to work with a firewall. The default /etc/sysconfig/nfs on CentOS5 however has defaults under 1024, such as mountd 892 statd 662 rquotad 875 Is there something security-related going on here that I'm
2003 Sep 13
PXELinux Kernel NFS Root Errors
Hi This is a PXELinux problem that I'm facing. The problem, in brief, is that I have a set of diskless nodes (AMD Athlon XP 1800+ with 256MB RAM) connected via an internal network to a dual AMD Opteron running SuSE Linux 8.3 for AMD64. I want the remote machines to diskless boot off the main server and run independently. The diskless machines have a PXE-compliant BIOS for