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2008 Jan 24
[PATCH] Added "Re-using pre-shared static key" openvpn rule
Signed-off-by: Frédéric Brière <> --- rulefiles/linux/ignore.d.server/openvpn | 2 +- 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-) diff --git a/rulefiles/linux/ignore.d.server/openvpn b/rulefiles/linux/ignore.d.server/openvpn index 68ebf8f..c57e3cb 100644 --- a/rulefiles/linux/ignore.d.server/openvpn +++
2012 Sep 27
vsFTP and shorewall
Dear all, Dear support and users: Sorry to trouble you! I configure the shorewall firewall to forward ftp and ssh port to another server, but failed. Can you help me check? I cannot login both SSH 2222 and ftp! Below is my environment: (attachment is shorewall dump) 1. Gateway (FC6) 1.1) eth0: lan static IP: 1.2) eth1: external public static IP:
2020 Sep 02
OPENVPN setup in CentOS-6 NetworkManager
Hi, I need some help. I have CentOS-6 installed on an older 32bit desktop. The command su -c "openvpn --config foo.ovpn" works well, but would like to do it from NetworkManager. (1) If I try to import foo.ovpn then the certificate file references are not populated. If I try to select files extracted from foo.ovpn then the Private key file cannot be selected and therefore setup is
2005 Jan 12
crossposting: OpenVPN on CentOS(RHES clone) and Fedora Core3..some strange things
Apologies for the cross-posting to CentOS list (already mailed to OpenVPNlist).. am using OpenVPN [ ] on CentOS 3.4 and having some issues.. it may possibly be an OpenVPN issue, but thought if anyone on this list is using or had any similar issues or have any thoughts.. TIA ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 11:26:22 -0700 Subject:
2012 Dec 29
How could I open Port 1701 for VPN l2tp/ipsec
Hello Mailinglist, please excuse my bad english - but I am not a native speaker. My Network looks like this: Internet --- dyn. IP --- Firewall (shorewall) --- LAN (192.168.X.X) No I try to connect my iphone (from mobile Internet G3) over VPN (l2tp/ipsec) with the firewall. But I can´t open the necessary Port 1701. /var/log/syslog ... Dec 30 00:24:29 router kernel:
2010 Jun 14
[PATCH] i.d.s/postfix: fixed policyd-weight patterns
At least the policyd-weight in lenny seems to generate quite different patterns. For example the ''rate'' is output multiple times in some situations, the ''check from'' is omited sometimes and somehow those log messages have a trailing blank. With those patterns logcheck stays silent again. Signed-off-by: Mathias Krause <> ---
2010 May 04
Bug#580260: logcheck-database: dkim-filter needs tweak
Package: logcheck-database Version: 1.3.8 11 hex digits, and "no" diff -ur logcheck-1.3.8.orig/rulefiles/linux/ignore.d.server/dkim-filter logcheck-1.3.8/rulefiles/linux/ignore.d.server/dkim-filter --- logcheck-1.3.8.orig/rulefiles/linux/ignore.d.server/dkim-filter 2008-05-22 04:20:58.000000000 -0400 +++
2006 Oct 09
General questions and problems with exec...
Hi, I''m in the process of evaluating puppet and cfengine for a rollout on a mix of in-house servers and managed customer servers. I''ve always been a pro-cfengine man, and it''s already running on a small setup of 5 machines. But even though I have pretty clear idea of how I should proceed building the system, I''m intimidated by the vast amount of
2015 Jul 26
Suddenly OpenVPN not working - backgrounds prompt for username / password
Hi folks, I'm on a fresh install of CentOS 7 and take my config that works on Ubuntu on the same box. Instead of getting a prompt for username and password for the VPN I get a backgrounded task that spits this out : [amckay at centos-gig ~]$ sudo openvpn --config /home/amckay/data/vpn.ovpn --daemon Broadcast message from root at centos-gig (Sat 2015-07-25 22:59:13 EDT):
2006 Jul 07
Bug#377276: "Did not receive identification string" warning reappeared
Package: logcheck-database Version: 1.2.45 Severity: normal Tags: patch pending confirmed My bad, sorry. --- rulefiles/linux/ignore.d.server/ssh 6 Jul 2006 10:16:41 -0000 1.18 +++ rulefiles/linux/ignore.d.server/ssh 7 Jul 2006 19:35:19 -0000 @@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ ^\w{3} [ :0-9]{11} [._[:alnum:]-]+ sshd\[[0-9]+\]: refused connect from [:[:alnum:].]+ \([:[:alnum:].]+\)$
2013 Mar 21
Processed (with 1 errors): Fix broken submitters (double encoded)
Processing commands for control at > submitter 192827 Jos? Luis Gonz?lez <jlgonzal at> Bug #192827 [xdiskusage] xdiskusage: Printing doesn't manage non-ASCII characters Changed Bug submitter to 'Jos? Luis Gonz?lez <jlgonzal at>' from 'Jos?? Luis Gonz??lez <jlgonzal at>' > submitter 208308 R?diger Kuhlmann
2011 Jan 11
OpenVPN + SIP configuration?
Hello I read a whole book on OpenVPN, but still can't figure how to configure the server + client so that the the client connects and sends SIP/RTP data through the tunnel. To get started, I'd rather use a shared key instead of X509 (certificates + keys). The server is running on a uClinux appliance, with /dev/net/tun, and OpenVPN is 2.0.9. The clients will be Windows
2008 Sep 29
Samba over bridged ethernet VPN
Hi all, I have Samba 3.0.32 on FreeBSD-7-RELEASE, set up to act as a very simple workgroup file server (i.e., no domain or anything fancy like that). It is the latest version of Samba available in ports. I am seeing timeouts and connection reset errors in my per-client logs such as the following. For clients on the local LAN, the errors don't cause any real problems. However, for remote
2008 Sep 17
Bug#499323: logcheck-database: Logcheck fails to ignore certain OpenVPN messages
Package: logcheck-database Version: 1.2.54 Severity: normal Tags: patch Logcheck fails to ignore certain lines generated by OpenVPN; the attached patch fixes several regular expressions: * OpenVPN does not print the full path to ifconfig or route (at least here) * The interface name can also contain dots and does not always start with "tun" * The startup messages now gets suppressed
2005 Mar 13
Bridging Firewall with windows OpenVPN road warriors?
I have previously set up an openvpn LAN to LAN bridging VPN so I know a little about what has to happen. The gateways on either ends were running older version of shorewall that did not support openvpn directly so I just basically opened ports for it and used bridging with tap interfaces. I am no longer using that vpn link to the other house but now that i''ve upgraded I would like
2005 Aug 08
Bug#322036: logcheck: [manual] typo in SYNOPSIS (TIOS => OPTIONS)
Package: logcheck Version: 1.2.35 Severity: minor Manual page reads: SYNOPSIS logcheck [TIONS] Perhaps it was intended to read: SYNOPSIS logcheck [OPTIONS] -- System Information: Debian Release: testing/unstable APT prefers unstable APT policy: (500, ''unstable''), (500, ''stable''), (1, ''experimental'') Architecture:
2005 Jun 14
Bug#313601: logcheck-database: ignore mount version messages
Package: logcheck-database Version: 1.2.39 Severity: wishlist These are the subject of an am-utils FAQ <URL:> and would be useful in the ignored list. Note that it''s either `newer'' or `older''. Jun 14 14:32:25 albion kernel: nfs warning: mount version newer than kernel Jun 14 14:37:54 dlsy kernel:
2004 Sep 01
dedup and sort rules
A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name: parse_logcheck Type: application/octet-stream Size: 3860 bytes Desc: not available Url :
2007 Mar 18
Dependancy sequencing problem
Hi, I have this code here: $filepackages = $operatingsystem ? { debian => [ "tar", "gzip", "bzip2", "diff", "sed", "wget" ], default => [ "tar", "gzip", "bzip2", "diff", "sed", "wget" ] } package { $filepackages: ensure => latest
2007 Mar 13
Object sync problem
Hi, Sorry to hassle everyone again, yes I''m a newbie!! I''ve created some code and I''m getting a out of sync style error message. Here''s a snipet of the code (to reproduce the problem): package { [ "tar", "gzip", "bzip2", "sed" ]: ensure => latest } define xxx { $xenrelease = ''3.0.4''