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2009 Mar 31
Hi, I've a problem: I can't configure DAHDI with ech canceller OSLEC. I have Asterisk 1.4.24 and DAHDI I compiled also OSLEC. But when in /etc/dahdi/systems.conf I insert value echocanceller=oslec,1-4, command dahdi_cfg -vvvvvvvvvvvv give me an error about oslec. Someone can help me? Thanks Marco -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was
2005 Jan 05
New asterisk installation but no audible voicemail prompts?
Hi List! I installed Asterisk 1.0.3 stable on a RHEL rebuild. Due to problems with * modules refusing to build I replaced the RHEL kernel with stock 2.6.10. Asterisk seems to be working but when I dial voicemail I hear nothing. When I hangup I see a message on the console that the calller did not specify a mailbox number so I guess voicemail app is working. The phone(Grandstream BT100) is
2002 Oct 29
wierd problem concerning directory, symlinks, chroot
hello, i'm having a wierd problem with 0.31 tftpd-hpa. i'm using xinetd, with this config: service tftp { disable = no socket_type = dgram wait = yes user = root log_on_failure += USERID bind = server =
2007 Nov 01
help diagnosing tftp server on centos 5
Hi all, I have a centos 5 box I have setup, current with updates. (I have done this many times on centos 4). I did the yum install tftp-server, changed the /etc/xinetd.d/tftp file as shown. # default: off # description: The tftp server serves files using the trivial file transfer \ # protocol. The tftp protocol is often used to boot diskless \ # workstations, download
2011 Jun 11
TFTP to be installed in Linux same asterisk machine to be used with Cisco
Hi All; Any one can suggest a TFTP server to be installed in Fedora (same machine that Asterisk is installed) to be used for Cisco IP Phones to download the required firmware and configuration files. Thanks for the help in advance. Regards Bilal
2011 May 25
libxl: setmaxmem functionality?
Hi, the function libxl_domain_setmaxmem in libxl.c doesn''t seem to do anything besides argument checking, or am I overlooking something? Cheers, Markus _______________________________________________ Xen-devel mailing list
2006 Mar 02
FC4/Rails/Ruby/Apache/FastCGI wiki anyone?
I have followed a number of fast cgi tutorials to get it installed on FC 4 with ruby but not sure where I went wrong. Which is the best FC4/Rails/Ruby/Apache/FastCGI wiki out there? I worry that because I have tried a few now that a simple "monkey at the keyboard" approach of going through the install may not be enough to save myself from really diving in and
2005 Nov 17
Ext3 bad magic after upgrage FC1 to FC4
Dear All, I have server with a 160G disk with one partition /dev/hde1. The PC had FC1 and everything was working fine. I decided to do an upgrade to FC4. Now I can no longer mount that partition. I don't think anything happened to the file system, but changes in kernel and modules due to the upgrade is now making it inaccessible. I tried: mk2fs -n /dev/hde1 got a
2005 Jul 06
SELinux startup issue on FC4...
When using nat and the new 2.4.0 providers functionality, the following error is produced on boot with FC4: Cannot open "/proc/sys/net/ipv4/route/flush The box is running the latest update: selinux-policy-targeted-1.23.18-17 >From /var/log/audit/audit.log: type=PATH msg=audit(1120675555.415:78677): item=0 name="/sbin/ip"
2005 Sep 26
FC4 xen guest question audit blah looging
Anyone know how to supress all the audit(1127753401.267:0): user pid=1449 uid=0 length=104 loginuid=4294967295 msg=''PAM session close: user=root exe="/usr/sbin/crond" (hostname=?, addr=?, terminal=cron result=Success) type logging? A real pita, I don''t have auditd installed or selinux, wouldn''t let me remove audit-libs and the deps lead me to
2005 Sep 29
FC4 SMP domU ?
Is anyone running FC4 SMP domU''s? I don''t recall if I tested this before and today I noticed that I can only bring up FC4 domU''s as UP even though vcpus = 2. xm list and /proc/cpuinfo are in agreement :-) Regards, Ted _______________________________________________ Xen-users mailing list
2005 May 27
x86_64 build break on FC4
When attempting to build Xen on x86_64 FC4 platform, using the May 26 22:03 xen-unstable-src.tgz and pulling the latest BK tree: gcc -nostdinc -fno-builtin -fno-common -fno-strict-aliasing -iwithprefix include -Wall -Werror -Wno-pointer-arith -pipe -I/tmp/xen- unstable/xen/include -I/tmp/x en-unstable/xen/include/asm-x86/mach- generic
2005 Aug 10
Xen and LVM snapshots on FC4
Hello, I''ve tried to make Xen and LVM snapshots work with RHEL3 (upgraded to FC4 partly, using FC4 kernel 2.6.12-1.1387_FC4, xen-2-20050522 installed from RPM). I had a problem where non-snapshot LVM images worked, but as soon as I create a snapshot of one and tried to use that, I would get a crash like this as soon as I booted up a Xen domain: Freeing unused kernel memory: 160k freed
2005 Nov 28
winecfg on FC4
Hello list, I'm a newbie wine user, and I'm just trying to get my first installation working. I installed (and reinstalled) the FC4 i686 rpm, and when I run winecfg, I get the following errors: Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server Xlib: No protocol specified err:imagelist:ImageList_ReplaceIcon no color! err:imagelist:ImageList_ReplaceIcon no color!
2005 Jun 19
FC4 , Xen installation
|In the process of installin*g*|**| X|en server packages. They won''t install, Can someone help me on this **|||yum --installroot=/xen/base -y groupinstall|| web-server \ --enablerepo=base --disablerepo=development Jim | _______________________________________________ Xen-users mailing list
2007 Apr 18
[Bridge] Re: [Bridge-utils] some feedback with kernel 2.6.12 FC4
On Thu, 21 Jul 2005 16:54:06 +0200 Christophe GRANSART <> wrote: > Hello, > > Some feedback about bridge-utils on FC4 : > > i tried bridge-utils 1.0.4 and 1.0.6 on FC4 2.6.12-1.1398_FC4 > On a dell D800 > With eth0 : Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5705M Gigabit Ethernet > and ath0 : DLink DWL-AG650 driver madwifi > > On both 1.0.4 and
2005 Dec 29
Deltec PRA1500 UPS and FC4
I recently bought new batteries for this old "Compaq" Deltec PRA 1500 ups and downloaded LanSafe3 and haven't had much luck communicating with the UPS via a serial cable. Does anyone out there have a manual on this UPS? Or has anyone else gotten this to work with LanSafe3 and/or upsd? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Jon Moss __________________________________
2005 Jul 22
fc4 pxelinux initrd
I would like to mount the initrd that is in the pxelinux directory for fedora core 4. I have gunziped the image and mount -o loop. However, doesn't recognize the file system type. Does anyone know what file system this image uses? thanks -- Jeff Geddes
2005 Oct 28
Is it possible to install FC4 to my HD?
I have a Laptop with 6G HD, there are FD and CD-ROM port to external devices. But I only have a external floppy drive, no cd-rom. Now I boot from 1fd linux and make HD as partition, next I want to install FC4 on this laptop. But FC4 CD only support CD-ROM or USB memory, I tried to write diskboot.img to /dev/hda1 with dd command, I found all files in image bootdisk.img in
2005 Aug 06
gnomeGUI on FC4
It seems nice that R is part of the 'walled garden' of applications specifically configured to run under Fedora Core 4 (Linux). The gnomeGUI has a separate installation routine under FC4 and yum tells me it's installed. I've even found an executable for it in /usr/lib/R/bin/exec. However, as far as I can tell, it doesn't do anything. Since the documentation