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2007 Aug 17
[rspec] looking for a simple refresher
I''ve been off the rspec for a few months and I''m trying to get back on it. 1) Spec::Mocks::MockExpectationError in ''TicketsController handling POST /tickets should create a new ticket'' Mock ''Ticket_1001'' expected :new with ({}) once, but received it 0 times ./spec/controllers/tickets_controller_spec.rb:16: script/spec:4:
2007 Oct 06
spec''ing views, mock_model associations
I writing a spec that returns the count of how many players in a game: it "should how many players in a link to all players" do render :partial =>"games/game", :object => @game response.should have_tag(''a'',"(2) Players") end I''m not sure how to do the mock model, I think it would be done two ways but unsure of the syntax: 1:
2007 Sep 04
Invite from Ben Askins (
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2007 Oct 08
spec''in controllers request for nested routes
describe PlayersController, "handling GET /saltmines/games/1/players" do before do @game = mock_model(Game, :to_param => "1") @game.stub_association!(:players, :find => mock_model(Player)) end def do_get get :index, :game_id => @game end it "should be successful" do do_get response.should be_success end it
2007 Oct 05
spec''ing view render partial collection, local variable not found
I''m trying to spec out a render partial collection but I get the following error 2) NoMethodError in ''/games/_game.rhtml should show game name'' undefined method `body'' for #<#<Class:0x316580c>:0x2f1154c>
2007 Sep 20
Getting Started with Story Runner
I haven''t found any How To''s to use story runner and I''m not sure how to get started. Should I be looking for resources on how to use rbehave? How do I generate my first Story? -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2007 Mar 01
RC1, Rails, and problems with multiple options in spec.opts
I am having inconsistent output with multiple options in the spec.opts file. I can, for instance, pass --color or --colour, or, separately, use --drb. But when combining them I get: /opt/local/lib/ruby/1.8/optparse.rb:1381:in `complete'': invalid option: --options --color --drb (OptionParser::InvalidOption) from
2007 Oct 05
Hi Was just using have_tag on an xml response and found the problem outlined and resolved here Just wondered if there is any support in rspec? Cheers Shane Shane Mingins ELC Technologies (TM) PO Box 247 Santa Barbara, CA 93102 Phone: +64 4 568 6684 Mobile: +64 21 435 586 Email: smingins at AIM:
2007 Oct 12
locals in partials
hiya, in specing a partial, how can i assign a local var that is normally passed via :locals ? i tried adding :locals => to the render call but that doesnt seem to take linoj -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2012 Feb 09
Autorun Picks Up Options
Hi, I was trying to use the autorun feature of rspec but noticed that when I run the command to kick off the ruby scripts it picks up the options that I give to the command. ''myRubyBin -j optionValue'' This then fails with this error, /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/optparse.rb:1448:in `complete'' : invalid option: -j ( OptionParser::InvalidOption ) from
2007 Aug 31
Deprecating the mocking framework?
I saw in one of Dave C.''s comments to a ticket that "our current plan is to deprecate the mocking framework." I hadn''t heard anything about that, but then again I haven''t paid super close attention to the list. Are we planning on dumping the mock framework in favor of using Mocha (or any other framework one might want to plug in?). Pat
2006 Mar 20
I need some help with OptionsParser
Hey all, I must be doing something wrong here. Im calling the following file this way: ruby script.rb -s 1234 or ruby script.rb -s1111 #Code snip require ''optparse'' opts = opts.on("-s", "--size VAL", Integer) do |val| puts "-s #{val}" puts val end matter what I do, I don''t get any values out. I must be doing
2007 Sep 23
Story Runner, autoincrementing
I''ve written a story and I run into a snag. I''ve written the create_forum method and told it to set the id to 1 but when it creates the forum the id is autoincremented. My forums table is empty but the id keeps incrementing the newest record on creation. When I run the story it comes out as something like 59 which fails my story because I''m asking it to look at
2007 Oct 01
how to spec views
I''m trying to spec a view but haven''t done much view specing. This view render different partials depending on authentication of the user: annon, admin, player So I I''ll write if conditionals in the view with the partials it "should render signup propaganda for annon users trying to view games" do render "/games/index.rhtml"
2009 Sep 14
[PATCH node-image] add livecd-iso-to-iscsi script to support iscsi root booting setup
This enables the ability to take the ovirt-node-image iso and deploy it to an iscsi disk. It also provides a sample pxe configuration for booting based on the iscsi root device. Includes support for user/password as well as reverse chap user/password. --- | 1 + livecd-iso-to-iscsi | 201 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
2008 Jan 30
catching errors, rspec basics
Trying to spec the following but don''t know if I''m using the right matcher. How do I spec? Plz, sugar on tops. Audience.stats - should have a stats of 80 when passed a flux of 10 - should return an error when passed a string (ERROR - 1) 1) TypeError in ''Audience.stats should return an error when passed a string'' String can''t be coerced into Fixnum
2009 Mar 31
[Cucumber] Running single feature from command line
I am using Cucumber 0.2.3 and am having problems running a single feature. In particular, the cucumber Textmate bundle was not working so I traced it back and discovered that I could not run single files or features from the command line either. My setup has the following line in cucumber.yml default: -r features/support/env.rb -r features/support/plain.rb -r
2007 Jan 12
spec_ui problems
While looking into spec_ui, I decided to run the examples. The watir example works a little, but always chokes on the ''better than fudge'' spec (failure output below). Also, is there any command to pause the "browser"? If my connection slows, the test gets out of whack. The selenium example fails right away (output below). I do have the 0.9.0 selenium-rc
2020 Feb 19
Poor write performance with golang binding
Hi, I scribbled a simple guestfs based program called guestfs-xfer with following synopsis: Usage: guest-xfer [options] [op] [diskimage] op = [ls|cat|write] options: -d, --guestdevice DEV guest device --blocksize BS blocksize [default: 1048576] -o, --offset OFF offset [default: 0] So eg. `cat /dev/urandom | guest-xfer -d
2007 Mar 06
Windows rspec "gem install win32console"
Hi, Hi I am trying to use RSPEC on windows and i keep getting the following error "You must gem install win32console to use colour on Windows" I have installed this Gem but i am still getting the same error. The file that error is coming from is: C:\ruby\lib\ruby\gems\1.8\gems\rspec-0.8.2\lib\spec\runner\formatter\base_text_formatter.rb Do i need to put this line of code in? Where