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2007 Apr 18
[Bridge] Building 1.1 ?
Good day Folks! Working on a bridging firewall/gateway and attempting to solve the age-old mystery of whether I can get NAT to work across a gateway that has 2 NICs and requires a bridge... Upside is, I have the gateway working, bridging works (as does OpenVPN using that bridge). But NAT does not in Fedora Core 4... >From dmesg: Linux version 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4 So I went to the website
2014 Oct 10
[Bug 2289] New: arandom(4) as documented in sshd_config(5)’s ChrootDirectory option does not exist on all platforms Bug ID: 2289 Summary: arandom(4) as documented in sshd_config(5)?s ChrootDirectory option does not exist on all platforms Product: Portable OpenSSH Version: 6.7p1 Hardware: Other OS: All Status: NEW Severity: enhancement
2008 May 25
OpenSSH + chroot + SELinux = broke
Hello, First, a big thank you to the OpenSSH devs. _ /Problem Summary:/ _ Chroot and SELinux don't get along. This affects both the new (official) ChrootDirectory feature, as well as the older (3rd party) patch at _ /History and repro:/ _ On March 21, 2008, Alexandre Rossi posted to this list with the subject:
2008 Apr 03
Omission in sshd_config man page
[Not subscribed to this list, so please respond directly if you need to speak to me] In man5/sshd_config.5, a permissible keyword in a 'Match' block is missing. It currently lists only: AllowTcpForwarding, Banner, ForceCommand, GatewayPorts, GSSApiAuthentication, KbdInteractiveAuthentication, KerberosAuthentication, PasswordAuthentication, PermitOpen, PermitRootLogin,
2001 Apr 09
Running 'ssh' and 'scp' from a chroot jail (sandbox)
I have a need to have users SSH into a server where they are limited to a chroot jail (sandbox). Once they are there, they need to be able to execute 'ssh' and 'scp' to other systems. I've no problem setting up the basic chroot jail and providing basic functionality (ls, cat, less, etc). The part that is stopping me is setting it up so that that user can then 'ssh'
2007 Jul 28
chroot'd SFTP
Thanks for these 3rd party hacks! I don't trust them. There must be such feature in openssh out of box. So the most secure/easyer method of giving sftp access to porn collection is: Damiens sftp-server chroot patch, which I hope to see in openssh one day :) # useradd -d /data/p0rn -m share
2006 Jul 20
Anyone have an rpm built for Javahelp2?
Yes, I can get it done with some effort. I understand the non-free aspect of the rpm is created with user/group jpp, so I guess that I have to include: --prefix /home/me/rpm ?
2008 Sep 22
Problem with booting/grub (?)
Earlier this evening, I had the interesting experience of shutting down my machine (because of that lp out-of-sync problem, discussed elsewhere), and watching it not come back up. I admit that I changed out one of my DVD writers for another one, but I don't understand how that could have had any effect on this: When I restarted the machine, it came up to the point where it normally shows:
2001 Mar 28
arc4randomstir() in OpenSSH
I'm trying to understand the rational behind the arc4random() and arc4random_stir() functions in the OpenSSH source tree. On a system that has a good random number generator, say an in kernel /dev/random what extra functionality is this stuff providing ? Would it be acceptable to replace the calls to arc4random() with reading from /dev/random and drop the arc4random_stir()
2001 Jul 20
Updated chroot patch
This is the patch part of contrib/chroot.diff updated to be appliable against openssh-2.9p2. Tested on FreeBSD (various 3.x and 4.x) without PAM or UseLogin. Also, as part of deployment (replacing emergency-withdrawal of Telnet access) I've chosen to get sftp on the relevant boxes. The deployment had a scriptlet doing the config/make/etc and after the "make install"
2012 Aug 18
[Bug 2036] New: Add %g user group name parameter for ChrootDirectory Priority: P5 Bug ID: 2036 Assignee: unassigned-bugs at Summary: Add %g user group name parameter for ChrootDirectory Severity: enhancement Classification: Unclassified OS: Linux Reporter: sue at Hardware: ix86
2008 Oct 06
Boot disk order: h/w vs. grub
I'm still having conceptual trouble with this one. I have two PATA and two SATA disks in my home system. When the system comes up, these are, espectively, /dev/hda, /dev/hdb, /dev/sda and /dev/sdb. I have the boot order of the drives in the boot PROM set to boot from /dev/sda (hard drive 2), then /dev/hda (hd 0), and usually that works fine.
2002 Feb 11
Conversion to ext3 failed.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rss:/etc # 358C written rss:/etc # man mount Reformatting mount(8), please wait... MOUNT(8) Linux Programmer's Manual MOUNT(8) NAME mount - mount a file system SYNOPSIS mount [-lhV] mount -a [-fFnrsvw] [-t vfstype] mount [-fnrsvw] [-o options [,...]] device | dir mount [-fnrsvw] [-t vfstype] [-o options] device
2000 Apr 06
status of openssh-2
Hi, My name is Stefan Mangard and I plan to implement an extension to ssh as a final project in a cryptography class. Since I want to use an open source of ssh, I decided to use the openssh implementation. I am currently working with openssh-1.2.3, but I'd also like to implement my extension for protocol 2, I wanted to ask you how far the development of the implementation of openssh-2 is.
2008 Apr 15
ChrootDirectory - SFTP subsystem works fine but SSH hangs
Hi I'm using Centos 5 with Openssh-5.0p1 installed (and OpenSSL 0.98b and Zlib 1.2.3-3). I've managed to get a chroot'd SFTP session using ChrootDirectory and the new built-in SFTP subsystem. However, when I use SSH to connect to the same account the session hangs rather than closing the connection. This happens whether or not I use /sbin/nologin /bin/false
2007 Oct 02
scp -t . - possible idea for additional parameter
How difficult would it be to add an additional parameter to the -t that would *lock* the user at that directory level. say -T instead of -t... By locking, I mean translating /path/to/file as ./path/to/file, or ../../../path/../../../path/to/file as ./path/to/file. Basically set a root point as the current home directory,
2008 May 28
Feature request
The sshd server has what I think is a serious flaw. There appears to be no way to turn off remote command execution. (someone please correct me if I am wrong). We have a server which uses a chroot jail, and rbash to severely limit what users can do on our system. The remote command bypasses all of that. ie. ssh user at host cat /etc/passwd will display the password file for the live
2008 Jun 26
java-1.4.2-gcj-compat.i386 update failure
Hmmm, I seemed to have created a misalignmnet somewhere along the line. I can't remember doing anything to this. But at one time I did try to test the java open source. Posted my results to the list, got no response, abandoned all hope and went on my merry way. I don't know if this is related. I have installed an rpm for a java needed by an application I run. It was from the official
2007 Sep 17
No subject
Hi, when trying to install openssh I get the following errors. Any idea of why? This is on a mac 10.4.10 system, and with the 4.7p1 version. Appreciate any tips. Thanks, Anil if test ! -z ""; then \ /usr/bin/perl ./fixprogs ssh_prng_cmds ; \ fi (cd openbsd-compat && make) make[1]: Nothing to be done for `all'. gcc -g -O2 -Wall -Wpointer-arith
2017 May 18
ls hangs in internal-sftp for LDAP users + numeric uid/gid instead of names
On 2017-05-18T13:13, mh at <mh at> wrote: > Le 18/05/2017 ? 12:17, mh at a ?crit : > > However, I get uid/gid numbers instead of names within sftp session (ls > > -l) ? I don't know if it's new but I would definitively prefer names... > > It seems the reason is : > > open("/etc/passwd",