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2006 Aug 16
Ext3 patch against 2.4.9-ac10?
Does anyone know if there's a patch out there for 2.4.9-ac10? I'm investigating what's involved to go from ext2 to 3. Thanks!
2007 Jun 19
PXE problems with syslinux 3.51
Anyone else seeing problems doing pxe boots off the latest dag/rpmforge syslinux packages? Versions 3.35 works, doing the tftp request like this: Jun 18 06:01:19 boothost in.tftpd[25947]: RRQ from filename /centos5-i386/pxelinux.0 Jun 18 06:01:19 boothost in.tftpd[25947]: tftp: client does not accept options Jun 18 06:01:19 boothost in.tftpd[25948]: RRQ from
2008 Jun 06
How to force two regression coefficients to be equal but opposite in sign?
Is there a way to set up a regression in R that forces two coefficients to be equal but opposite in sign? I'm trying to setup a model where a subject appears in a pair of environments where a measurement X is made. There are a total of 5 environments, one of which is a baseline. But each observation is for a subject in only two of them, and not all subjects will appear in each
2007 Dec 22
Request on Cent OS insight
Hello List, I am getting familar with CentOS and using Rel 4.6. My goal is to get a automated update *(email)* of system updates. I found the link below in the WIKI. Additionally I have enable "yum" to run as a service int 345 and started it. yum update from the command line works fine- There are three scripts indicated on the web link below :
2009 Nov 03
insight on additional adapter
Good day all, Can anyone give me some insight on the most practical way of adding a second interface to a dom0 so that certain domu''s have visibility into another network? I basically have one domu that needs to pass internet data through eth1 - i''ve been reading the following
2008 Jul 18
[LLVMdev] binutils + gdb/insight targeted to LLVM
On Jul 17, 2008, at 7:51 PM, Richard Pennington wrote: > Hi, > > As part of my work with Elsa/LLVM I've been trying to wean myself from > gcc, I'm using my own preprocessor now (to eliminate gcc -E) and have > been calling ld and as directly. You should consider using the clang preprocessor :) > My question is: What assembler does the LLVM PIC target use? I'd
2009 Feb 12
Bynari Insight connector
Hi, Since IMAP support in Outlook is 'somewhat broken', and Bynari has some promising specifications on their website, I might want to try their product. Does anyone here have any experience with their software? Would you recommend it? Or maybe point me at alternatives? (If there are any.. aside from ditching Outlook of course :-P ) Regards, Maarten Bezemer
2008 Jul 18
[LLVMdev] binutils + gdb/insight targeted to LLVM
Hi, As part of my work with Elsa/LLVM I've been trying to wean myself from gcc, I'm using my own preprocessor now (to eliminate gcc -E) and have been calling ld and as directly. To do this, I've set up a version of bunutils (based on 2.18.50) and gdb/insight (based on 6.8) to handle all the LLVM targets (except PIC, see below). The nice thing about gdb 6.8 is that one
2018 Sep 11
Can someone provide some insight on WebRTC vs a generic SIP library in a browser?
I work on the Asterisk side of things and admit to not knowing about browser development. A co-worker asked me today why they should develop a web based agent software using WebRTC? They prefer to develop using a SIP based javascript library they found. Can anyone offer some insight on why to choose either WebRTC or a SIP library for a web based agent software connecting up to an asterisk
2003 Jul 10
Getting 488's between two c7940's
Greetings, It appears that some time ago, another user or two experienced similar trouble interacting w/ an ata186. For the sake of reference: It seems like this issue was fixed at the time, any quite possibly this problem here is unrelated. In any case, I'm using a debian-testing system, gcc3.3,
2004 Nov 15
source policy routing going to wrong path
Hi, Below is my Linux firewall network configuration: - eth0 - isp 1, IP:, Netmask: eth1 - isp 2, IP:, Netmask: eth2 - lan, IP:, Netmask: eth3 - dmz,, Netmask: isp 1 gateway: isp 2 gateway: Below is my iptables rules: - echo 1 >
2006 Jan 04
[SOLVED] Am I going too far or Rails is just confusing?
On 1/4/06, John Indra <> wrote: > However, it doesn''t work for me. Following your article, I change my I have found the source of the problem. I follow the solution provided by It''s a nice solution, however it contains typo :) There is
2010 Apr 04
What I've learned about FXRegistry and Windows so far
I learned some interesting lessons while working with FXRegistry so far. I decided to blog my learnings so I can remember them later. I thought I''d post a note here in case anyone is interested. There are 2 blog posts:
2013 Nov 19
[PATCH] x86: fix emulation of indirect far calls and jumps
Commit 86781624 ("x86_emulate: PUSH <mem> must read source operand just once") corrected the operands of those of the operations of opcode extension group 5 that only read memory from SrcMem to DstMem, but failed to also switch the use of "dst" here to "src". Reported-by: Anthony Perard <> Signed-off-by: Jan Beulich
2010 Dec 21
Compatibility with Far Cry broken with update
Hello ! I play Far Cry and it doesn't run properly on any version later than 1.1.40 ! Instead, on 1.1.40 and back the game runs nearly perfectly ! I heard of "patching" a version of Wine... Is someone enough skilled to do that ? Also, I don't know how to report a bug so can someone help me to do it? Have a nice day,
2010 May 25
Far Cry free version unCabbed, issues running it.
Hello, I downloaded the Far Cry free version and used unCab to remove its ads. The game runs fine on Windows but when I try to run it with Wine I have segment error (or non permitted instruction). I posted on another Ubuntu forum and nobody was able to run it, except one guy but he uses archlinux. So I would really appreciate your help ;) Feel free to download it at
2009 Jun 21
Far Cry 2: Help me to manage to get it working...
Hello everybody! I try to get Far Cry 2 running since it came out, but it still doesn't work. The game installs without any problems... The game loads when pbuffer is used as rendering mode, but doesn't load when fbo is used. When i try to start the single player campaign (with pbuffer), i can see the map for about 5 seconds, then it will crash too (and it looks bad) To find the cause,
2008 Oct 30
wine and far cry error
hi, i'm trying to install far cry (free download version) on gentoo 32bit and wine 1.7 and i get the errors below: Code: fixme:storage:StgCreateDocfile Storage share mode not implemented. fixme:reg:GetNativeSystemInfo (0x3318c0) using GetSystemInfo() fixme:richedit:RichEditWndProc_common WM_STYLECHANGING: stub fixme:richedit:RichEditWndProc_common WM_STYLECHANGED: stub
2007 Jan 21
remote port forwarding with dynamic port on the far end
Hi, I would like to use ssh in a quite a strange setup. For every ssh connection the near end starts a service (listening on a free TCP port) that has to be available to the program running on the far end. I would like to have the connection going through SSH (for encryption) so I decided to use remote port forwarding. The problem is that there could be multiple connections of that type to the
2007 Apr 19
FYI: TB 2.0.0 + DC 1.0.0 = OK so far
Just a status note - my beta group is upgrading/upgraded to the new Thunderbird 2.0.0 (OS X & Win32 so far, Linux to come) and beating it up against Dovecot 1.0.0 and all is A-OK, nary a problem in sight. Obviously just an initial status report, but good mojo so far for those curious about trying it. -te -- Troy Engel | Systems Engineer Fluid, Inc |