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2011 Dec 04
syncing imap servers with imapsync
hello list, I am attempting to sync two imap servers using the imapsync perl script. It seems handy and easy. Here''s what happens when I try to do this: # # Postfix master process configuration file. For details on the format # of the file, see the master(5) manual page (command: "man 5 master"). # -o smtpd_sasl_auth_enable=yes # -o
2011 Feb 18
Post login scripting and imapsync on user login
Did anyone set up the enviroment in dovecot with post login scripting in which imapsync does sync between two mailservers on users login (on login sync mail from old to new mailserver) is there a alternative or different approach? something like #!/bin/bash /usr/bin/imapsync --syncinternaldates --nosyncacls --authmech1 PLAIN --host1 --user1 $USER*master
2011 Mar 22
Mail Sync
I am trying to sync my mail on two different servers as testing for converting our business over to a server using dovecot. I am currently running dovecot version 2.0.11 While trying to sync the messages using Thunderbird and a program named imapsync, I run into an error stating that the dovecot server does not know how to handle messages with the FORWARD flag set. Is the FORWARD flag
2008 Apr 26
Does a script exist to fix broken maildir timestamps?
Hello, When I upgraded to dovecot (changing servers at the same time) in November last year I copied the maildirs from my old server without using the -p option to preserve timestamps! Since my mail client displays the email dates based on the Date header rather than the imap "internaldate" I didn''t notice the problem until today when I tried to migrate an account to gmail
2008 Nov 04
MasterUser and old rev of Dovecot (0.99.14)
I need to migrate an old mail server running Dovecot (0.99.14) to a new server running Dovecot (1.0.7; as shipped with CentOS 5.2). My plan was to use the imapsync utility as this will "seamlessly" do the conversion from mbox to maildir between the boxes as well. I''ve got the MasterUser authentication working fine on the new host and was just about to start getting
2011 Jan 06
utility to copy/sync IMAP mailboxes
Well, my Dovecot server (v2.0.8) is up and running, and now it''s time to migrate mailboxes from the old mail server [Lotus Domino Release 5.0.8] running on Windows NT 4.0 [ancient -- been the mail server since Aug-2000]. I saw "dsync(1)" and thought my troubles were over. Only I can''t figure out how to make it work with the NT/Domino server as a source for
2007 Aug 28
(slightly OT) syncing / migrating IMAP mailboxes
Hi! I fear this may be slightly off-topic but it''s both related to IMAP and to dovecot: Is there any good and in paticular realiable program for synching / migrating one IMAP mailbox to another? The most important features for me is that a) no mails are lost / left out silently and b) the porgram is able to sync the complete mailbox including all folders without just giving
2012 Jul 19
Remove leading and trailing spaces from folder names?
Hi! Anybody got a doveadm script which can remove leading and trailing spaces from folder names? Right now we''re migrating mailboxes from dovecot -> Exchange, and Exchange cannot handle leading and trailing spaces in Folder names. -- Ralf Hildebrandt Gesch?ftsbereich IT | Abteilung Netzwerk Charit? - Universit?tsmedizin Berlin Campus Benjamin Franklin Hindenburgdamm 30 |
2007 May 29
Migration from tpop3d to dovecot - troubles galore!
Hi people, I am trying to migrate some users from tpop3d (Maildir mailboxes) to dovecot. The most important aspect of this migration, and which I cannot seem to get right, is to first be able to make dovecot to authenticate against the current DB being used by tpop3d so that I can use imapsync to transfer the user mails. And I do believe that is what I am unable to get right!! So here goes what
2008 Sep 16
Moving from cyrus to dovecot (a story)
The transition was quick, and also (so far) seemingly painless. The server is an old Pentium II 233 machine that sits between my home LAN and the internet, and have sitting there, and running night and day since 1999. For the first two years it was running SuSE linux, but since 2001 it has been running debian and been continously upgraded. It was originally installed with potato, but have been
2006 Apr 12
Command line IMAP client
Hi I want to download all messages from an IMAP mailbox but i want this to be outputted into MailDir format. I tried using fetchmail but this outputted the mailbox into mbox format. Is there an IMAP client that works on the command line but will output into MailDir format or failing that how reliable is converting from mbox to MailDir ? thanks
2005 May 28
Transaction log file issue on dovecot-stable
Situation: dovecot-stable-20050528 on x86, Linux 2.4.30, ext3, maildir I''m trying to use the imapsync utility ( to copy 1500 messages from a UW-imap server to dovecot. After about 100 messages are successfully appended, I''m seeing this in the server log, following which all APPENDs fail. May 28 09:01:06 [dovecot]
2008 Aug 11
Cyrus vs Dovecot
First of all : forgive me for my poor English Hello all, I''ve to compare cyrus with dovecot for my work. Because these are the only solutions that could fit our needs. Unfortunately I really don''t know a lot about dovecot and I would like to have some of its assets. Here are the properties of the versus table I''ve done : dovecot cyrus Installation: Update:
2012 Oct 17
Disconnected for inactivity time.
Hello, After 10 mins of unactivity of pop3 , dovecot disconnect the user (-ERR Disconnected for inactivity.) What is the option in the config file which control the unactivity logout time ? becuase i want to decrease the inactivity time To 5 mins instead of 10 mins Please advise Robert JR
2006 Oct 11
Strange Mysql connect problem
Hi, I compiled Dovecot and Mysql on two different servers each with the same options. Dovecot connects successfully on Server B. Server A has this error in Dovecot trying to connect to Mysql: dovecot: auth-worker(default): mysql: Connect failed to /tmp/mysql.sock (exim_db): Access denied for user ''user''@''localhost'' (using password: YES) - waiting for 5
2011 Jun 27
hide sieve folder from imap clients
Hello, What is the best way to hide sieve folders from IMAP clients? old config mail_home = /var/vmail/%d/%n plugin { sieve_dir = /var/vmail/%d/%n/.sieve/ sieve = /var/vmail/%d/%n/.dovecot.sieve } new config (hide sieve folder) mail_home = /var/vmail/%d/%n maildir_stat_dirs = yes plugin { sieve_dir =
2009 Jan 09
Bash script to mark all mail read in Maildir + Dovecot
Hi, I''m writing a script to mark all new mail read, including all mail in folders, for my system which uses Maildir and Dovecot. The reason for this script is that I use Google Mail at work, which forwards to my SMTP/IMAP system at home. When I''ve finished my last check of GMail at work, I want to be able to quickly mark all mail as read at home too. Basically this script
2012 Oct 16
how to best import Evolution/Thunderbird mail into dovecot?
Hi. I''m migrating all my mail archive (some 60 GB) from Evolution (which is really a broken piece of software) into dovecot. Now I face the problem how to do this best... Evolution (which is still a old 2.32.x version) itself uses mbox files, in a special hierarchical structure to allow subfolders and that like. It also stores it''s own status info in X-Evolution and
2012 Jan 26
IMAP to Maildir Migration preserving UIDs?
Hello all, I''m facing the need to migrate from a proprietary IMAP server to Dovecot. The migration must be as smooth and transparent as possible. The mailbox format I would want to use is Maildir++. The storage format used by the current server is unknown, and I don''t look forward to trying to reverse-engineer it. This leaves me with the option of reading the mailboxes
2011 Nov 24
POP - preventing re-download with server move
Hi, Curious if anyone has any good suggestions to handle this. I try to get my hosting users to use IMAP but most use Outhouse and the IMAP support is somewhat annoying for many so I typically have them change their settings when using POP to leave copies on the server. That way when they get the inevitable virus or wanna use webmail they have a backup copy and webmail sees their saved mail.