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2017 Aug 24
rmutil parameters for Pareto distribution
In, it is clear what the parameters are for the pareto distribution: *xmin *the scale parameter and *a* the shape parameter. I am using rmutil to generate random deviates from a pareto distribution. It says in the documentation that the probabilty density of the pareto distribution The Pareto distribution has density f(y) = s (1
2017 Sep 20
igraph problem
Run this code tree<-graph_from_literal(1-+2:3,3-+5,1-+4); graph.bfs(tree,root=1, neimode="out",father=TRUE,order=TRUE,unreachable = FALSE) I do not understand why the father values will give NA 1 1 3 1 rather than NA 1 1 1 3 The reason I am doing this is to obtain the values(by vertex names) or some index of each individual branch in tree. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do