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2003 Feb 02
ext3 performance issue with a Berkeley db application
Can someone suggest anything that will help with the following ext3 performance problem? (It's a Berkeley db issue at bottom, but the ext3 part is worth looking at, I think.) First, two paragraphs of background: A Bayesian spam filter called bogofilter uses Berkeley db to maintain two database files of identical format: one containing words found in spam email and for each word the number
2001 Feb 19
2.5.1p1 Could not load host key
OpenSSH 2.5.1p1 was compiled on two different Linux machines, both with glibc 2.2, libz-1.1.3 and openssl-0.9.6. Both had been running 2.3.0p1 successfully. On both, the new sshd failed: # ./sshd -d -d -d -D debug1: sshd version OpenSSH_2.5.1p1 debug1: load_private_key_autodetect: type 0 RSA1 Disabling protocol version 2. Could not load host key RSA sessions worked. Generating a new
2001 Aug 03
ac4 ext3 recovery failure
Rebooting to try 2.4.7-ac4, I had Xfree86 crash on exit and hang the machine (it does that once a month or so; this notebook gets booted quite often). After fscking the root and another ext2 partition, the system got to the big ext3 partition and just went dead. No message, no disk activity, no keyboard response. I powered down and rebooted 2.4.7-ac3 patched with ext3-2.4-0.9.5-247ac3, and that