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2012 Apr 02
imapsync, namespaces and Dovecot 2.x
Hi people, I recently tried to migrate from Exchange using imapsync. It didn''t work because it complained that dovecot had no namespace capablity. After looking through Dovecot''s config files I found that namespaces could be defined, but if you did not a ''private'' default one was created. In the 2.x wiki documentation
2011 Dec 04
syncing imap servers with imapsync
hello list, I am attempting to sync two imap servers using the imapsync perl script. It seems handy and easy. Here''s what happens when I try to do this: # # Postfix master process configuration file. For details on the format # of the file, see the master(5) manual page (command: "man 5 master"). # -o smtpd_sasl_auth_enable=yes # -o
2011 Feb 18
Post login scripting and imapsync on user login
Did anyone set up the enviroment in dovecot with post login scripting in which imapsync does sync between two mailservers on users login (on login sync mail from old to new mailserver) is there a alternative or different approach? something like #!/bin/bash /usr/bin/imapsync --syncinternaldates --nosyncacls --authmech1 PLAIN --host1 --user1 $USER*master
2008 May 12
Hi All, I''m trying out the imapsync migration tool, migrating user mails from cyrus IMAP to Dovecot IMAP. In order to avoid knowing about each of the users password, I use the cyrus admin user in the cyrus end. Is there such a thing as the dovecot admin user, or is that simply the root user? Any input appreciated /Lars
2006 Aug 24
make - perl - broken
Could you help me trouble shoot this? I am a bit of a rookie and probably screwed something up. I am trying to "make" imapsync, but there is a complaint regarding some Perl problem that I cannot figure out. [root@testmail imapsync-1.182]# make Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at
2011 Jun 21
UIDL and message migration
Hello, I''m in the process of migrating accounts between two dovecot servers. An old server running ancient 1.0.15 and a new server running 1.2.15. Account migration is going to be gradual and so i would like to use imapsync to move messages and subscriptions from one server to the other. The only problem so far is with POP users. After doing an account migration with imapsync, and
2011 Mar 22
Mail Sync
I am trying to sync my mail on two different servers as testing for converting our business over to a server using dovecot. I am currently running dovecot version 2.0.11 While trying to sync the messages using Thunderbird and a program named imapsync, I run into an error stating that the dovecot server does not know how to handle messages with the FORWARD flag set. Is the FORWARD flag
2008 Jan 25
Capturing credentials for imap sync
Hi List All the imap sync apps I could find requires the username /password credentails to be known before a sync occurs. I have Dovecot using ldap acting as a nearline backup mail server to MS Exchange. Every hour imapsync syncs mail between Exchange and Dovecot. This all works fine becuase the users credentials are known, but when new users are added I would like the process to work
2009 Aug 03
Mailbox locking problem with iphone and POP3
I have a problem I can''t seem to fix. I have dovecot configured to do POP3 with plain text authentication using a MySQL database. I am using Dovecot 1.0.7 with fcntl locking. My problem has been when an iPhone/iPod checks email. The iPhone/iPod doesn''t disconnect with a TCP FIN packet and it leaves the mailbox in a locked state and prevents the user''s
2007 Dec 12
namespace problem / 1.1beta11
Hi all, actually I got a problem with the namespaces in dovecot 1.1 beta11. It occured after purging index files and resynch via imapsync. Dovecot complains about "Unknown namespace", though it worked with versions before. I cannot comfirm for 1.1beta10, but I surely know 1.1beta9 worked with these settings. Example: From Folder [INBOX/Trash] To Folder [___________] To Folder
2004 Jul 21
mailsync: NO Unexpected EOF
Hello, I am trying to migrate off a MS Exchange 5.0 server. I am using mailsync ( to copy the files to a Dovecot server, version For particular messages I get the following error: Couldn''t append msg #114081 (Subject:[RE: balh blah]) to folder INBOX: Error trying to append: 826 NO Unexpected EOF I think this
2008 May 13
need help
I tried to migrate from a server courier to dovecot with imapsync but i get this errore: Couldn''t append msg #15 (Subject:[Registrazione]) to folder INBOX: Error sending command ''16 APPEND INBOX (\Answered \Seen) "" {3478} '': 16 BAD Invalid internal date. thk you in advance Workino
2008 Apr 26
Does a script exist to fix broken maildir timestamps?
Hello, When I upgraded to dovecot (changing servers at the same time) in November last year I copied the maildirs from my old server without using the -p option to preserve timestamps! Since my mail client displays the email dates based on the Date header rather than the imap "internaldate" I didn''t notice the problem until today when I tried to migrate an account to gmail
2009 Nov 25
restrictions on folder length?
Greetings all, After migrating a few dozen people to our departmental mailserver, we''ve run into a problem with one user who makes extensive use of folders and nesting them. I''ve seen as many as 8 levels. The longest resulting folder name is 113 characters, which results in a total path length of 137 characters (/var/spool/mail/******). Their old mail server
2007 Oct 14
receive date wrong in outlook
hi, we migrate from exchange to dovecot. we do it with imapsync. first we try to do it with --syncinternaldates, but this fails on many messages with invalid date, so we drop this option. unfortunately after this those users who use outlook see the received date as the date we do the migration in stead of the real received date. other clients eg webmail, thunderbird etc sees the right date. so my
2006 Jul 30
imap flags on uw-imap
I am talking with a client about moving from CentOS 3.7 to CentOS 4.x and migrating their uw-imap to cyrus-imapd but in the process, would want to do a clean install. This is problematic in that if I want to preserve the IMAP flags for all the users INBOX and other mail folders, I would have to move them to another computer and then use something like imapsync (which I''ve used before) to
2009 Apr 17
[OT] two-way IMAP synchronization
Hi, I am looking for a tool that does a true two-way synchronization (synchronization of expunges/deletes) of IMAP mailboxes, kind of a mixture of unison and imapsync. Does anyone have any ideas how to accomplish that? TIA. -- Regards, Wolfram Schlich <wschlich at> Gentoo Linux *
2008 Sep 22
cyrus2courrier mass migration
Hello, So we''ve chosen to use dovecot as our imap mail server and replace our old cyrus server ! BUT : I would like to do a conversion of my imap accounts (and keep all theirs characteristics) from cyrus-imapd-2.2.12 in cyrus format to dovecot 1.1.3 in courrier format. I''ve tried those 3 tools : cyrus2courrier.1.5.ts cyrus2courier-1.3z4 imapsync (works well but very slow and
2005 May 15
Corrupted transaction log file, dotlocks..?
I''m new to Dovecot but I''ve been able to get it up and running on a test basis without too much difficulty. I''m running dovecot-stable-20050508 with maildir, under Linux (an old Gentoo setup that''s been stable for about 2,5 years). Mail client is Thunderbird. However, in the course of experimentally copying the accumulated household email (95000 emails from
2006 Sep 29
Sync unix and samba passwords
Hi, We have an Exchange server (server 2003) that is a domain controller and a few Samba file servers that are not part of the Windows domain. The Samba servers use their own LDAP directory ( ldapsam backend with pam_ldap ) that is synchronized to one openldap directory server but is not synchronized to the Windows domain AD. The workstations are all local accounts and not members of any domain